When a woman inadvertently took her pet cat on a trip across country, I just had to document it in a poem. This was my first poem to be published. The editor at the Gleaner took a liking to it and put it in way back in May, 2007.

Ginger Takes a Trip

Mary’s pushing fifty
Which somehow might explain
How she lugged around a suitcase
Then put it on a plane
Despite its weight, lopsided
Off-balance when it sat
Imagine her surprise to learn
She’d gone and packed her cat!

Airport staff were skeptics
And x-rayed forth and back
Some wondered if a turkey
Was lurking in the sack
This should have beeen a clue, methinks
She might at least have thought:
“There must be something in my case
I’ve accidentally brought.”
But no! And so, the bag went through
And flew they three hours nearly
Then drove almost another two
I tell you most sincerely–
No cat of mine would fail to whine
If put through jaunts like these
She’s Calico, or so we’re told
She can’t be Siamese!
Now only after checking in
And dining out, no less
Did Mary open up her bag
(I’m thinking, to undress)
Behold and lo! Grey-tufted hair
Out-sticks from ‘neath her gear
And Ginger calmly turns her way
Wide-eyed and with no fear.
Our lady, stunned and startled
Unquiet, she does yowl.
The coin is dropped, the pieces fit
Here be no festive fowl!
A cell-call back to N.B.
Reveals not much, she finds
The husband knows no better
Ginger missing? No one minds.
But all ends well in “Mary-land”
Kitty gets a carry-case
And flying home, no charge, it proves
The airline shows some grace
Now there is quite a tale to share
Though not one would I boast
Was it a mere co-incidence
She’d booked the “Pillar’n’Post”?
Kathleen Mortensen © 2007

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