Concerted Effort

A Canada Day festival in P.E.I. turned out to be less than the “family event” that was originally planned. Here’ s my take on the situation at the event and at large.
The Gleaner in Fredericton published this poem in their Saturday edition.

Festival of Slights

In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Isle
Debate is in session; don’t smile.
Some folks are uproaring
While others are storing
Their expletives up for a while.

The headliner band, Nickleback
On profanity, hinged ev’ry track
And underage drinking
Applauded unthinking–
Left councillors under attack.

The trend in this day seems to be,
Let anything fly – just be free
With curse and vulgarity
These days no rarity–
Hang out in a schoolyard and see.

Now debate is ongoing online;
On the Island youth think it’s just fine
To go on with their swearing,
There’s nobody caring
So, shut up, refrain from your whine!

Can’t say it’s a big shock to me
It’s happ’ning for what do we see?
“Madge’s” bold, “Mother-F…”
Sure made my lips pucker,
When she screamed it on Live Earth T.V.

The upshot of Canada Day
Is people can say what they say.
So what does it matter
If all their bad patter
Pelts down on us? F-bombs Away!

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007


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