Flamingo Duo

News of a pair of male flamingos who adopted a baby chick egg and became proud parents spurred talk of the “couple” being gay. This seemed a bit of a stretch to me. Early one morning, this piece took flight.

The Legend of Carlos & Fernando

So, ‘seems that the press everywhere
Has been flaunting this fabulous pair
Of flamingos, unruffled
The world is kerfuffled
And all passers-by stop and stare.

You see, we have Carlos y ‘Nando
Who hail from the usual band o’
Big birds in the pink
(She says with a wink) —
Putting on a performance, commando.

At the start Fern and Carlos were just
Two sociable singles nonplussed
By the whole dating scene
Thought they’d break from routine
Now the media – they’ve got it sussed.

Yes, those clever wordsmithers have stressed
That this pairing of equals is blessed
With a chick under wing,
This cannot be a fling
Sure, and next they’ll fly out to Key West!

To end it off, let me just say,
This notion they’re pushing, “Oy Vey!”
Allow me, in closing
It’s we, who’re imposing
This word, what do birds know from “gay”?

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007


3 thoughts on “Flamingo Duo

  1. HI,Had a great time here, thanks & keep them coming!I'll be grateful if you work on the colour scheme on your page & also the font size to make it easier for tired eyes. Thanks for your time,Best regards.


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