This One Stinks!

This is the original “Dorothy” poem that started my new career as a working poet. Thanks to a humble, odoriferous creature, I found my true calling.

Dorothy’s Adventure

Of who’s who in the hinterland
There’s beaver and there’s goose.
Of origin, Canadian,
And others on the loose.
One animal that springs to mind
Surrounded by a funk,
The ill-reputed, much-maligned
Highway-traversing skunk.

Recently, I happ’d upon
A hubbub in The Post
Concerning just such creature
Shipped from the U.S. coast
It seems inside a pipe she curled
Intent to hibernate,
And woke up in a strange, new world
Toronto was her fate.

A contest was set up that day
To name this beast and so,
“Dorothy’s” the stowaway
To me, it’s apropos.
Now, no one wants to let her stay
It’s down to anal glands.
In turn each group was heard to say
They wished to wash their hands.

Send her back the long way home
To thence from which she came.
Extradite, don’t let her roam
The poor girl gets the blame.
And hearing of this “tail” of woe
I could but only think,
That Dorothy just had to go
Because she raised a stink!

Just when it seemed that she was froze
In land of beer and hockey,
Form out the blue her saviour rose–
An L.A. radio jockey
Who, with his partner, he does choose
To drive this continent.
How glad I was to hear the news
He’s surely heaven-sent.

Despite this seeming cheery end
A codicil, I warn ya’;
It’s not so black and white
When she returns to California.
An irony indeed would be
“Dot” makes it home alive,
Then ventures out in early Spring
To cross “I Number 5”.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007

3 thoughts on “This One Stinks!

  1. Delicious. No wonder you found your calling. You have an incredible talent. I enjoyed it very much and relate to the warning…lolp.s. thanks for taking a look at my blog and the kind compliments.


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