Starvation Diet?

The new trend towards eating within 100 miles of where you live is an admirable one, and one I would love to participate in. I consider myself a “friend of the environment” and want to help any way I can. Thinking deeply on this has given me pause.

Miles To Go Before I Eat

I’m thinking about the new “100-Mile Diet”
It can’t be that hard. Can it? Nah! Sure, I’ll try it.

Let’s see, if I look at the distance they say,
I can buy from as far as the grand GTA!

That isn’t so bad. Now, where else can I go?
All the way down to Erie, and, wow! Buffalo.

I hope in Kincardine there’s fresh cheese to fill ya.
Does “Joe”, fairly-traded grow up in Orillia?

Avocadoes must rise in my radius somewhere;
I mean, no guacamole just wouldn’t be fair!

Please tell me the rice called basmati springs forth
In a field in Niagara or somewhere up North.

Will I have to press pasta and freeze fruit and veg?
I’m sure living sans chocolate will put me on edge.

And what of my felines? Their grub’s from the States.
They’re fussy enough about what’s on their plates.

I could possibly do without catch from the coast,
But I know I’ll just die without P-B on toast!

I’d like to help out the environment cause,
Erasing my footprint of carbon, (Applause!)


If I’m forced to relinquish my cherished cuisine
I’ll have to eschew — it’s so tough “going green”!

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007


4 thoughts on “Starvation Diet?

  1. ~~Found your blog through “Blog Share.”I like the idea of writing poems upon topical subjects [News, animal-subjects, etc.]Enjoyed this poem.The play on “Miles to go before I Sleep…” ~~just right. (I'm glad you started with that line, instead of ending the poem w/it.)Best Wishes.I'll be back to read more.(I'm more of a personal/free verse poet. You can find my poems at”The Wind Shall Hear My Words”xx,Will


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