Evel Knievel Rides No More

The death today of Evel Knievel inspired me on the spot to write this piece in tribute and remembrance. I recall some of the sensational jumps (and falls) he had when I was a youth in the seventies and early eighties. Coincidentally, a lawsuit with Kanye West concerning Knievel’s trademark image was resolved just two days ago.

Rest in peace, Evel.

Last Ride

So long Evel Knievel;
We loved to watch you ride
Across the tops of buses;
So sorry now you’ve died.

So long Evel Knievel;
You’ll vault no more through flame
Nor fly above the rattlers,
And sharks that made your name.

So long Evel Knievel;
You’ve broken many bones,
That crash at Caesar’s Palace
Proved you had some cojones.

So long Evel Knievel;
We watched you as you leapt
O’er the Snake River Canyon;
Your family must have wept.

So long Evel Knievel;
You’re finally at rest;
Though you’ve left the earth, you’ll
“Touch the sky” with Kanye West.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007


Calling all Cat-lovers!

And I know you’re out there!

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Shine Your Light

This Holiday Season, I think we’re all thinking a bit differently. Some of us are making an effort to make our world a better place. We’re thinking it’s important to recognize the need to help not only ourselves, but others as well. It’s a time to give gifts to each other, but also a time to acknowledge how fortunate we are and how others in the world are not as lucky. Just watch an episode of The Amazing Race and you’ll see the way others have to live and see how the competitors are stunned and even moved to tears by the impoverished conditions to which they are exposed.

Some of us have family fighting in war-torn countries, some of us have personal tragedies in our lives that we’re dealing with even at this so-called “happy time”. But this is when we should realize just how closely we are all linked; how we as a human race are basically striving for the same things: love, joy and peace.

So let us as human beings strive to make a difference this Holiday Season. Change something that might help the environment, work in a soup kitchen for a couple of hours, turn some of that hard-earned money into a donation for a family who literally has nothing–either close to home, or overseas. Reconnect with loved ones and friends, forgive those who have hurt you. Life’s too short not to make a difference. Shine your light!

With that in mind, here’s a poem I wrote just today about a provincial incentive in Canada that will make a big impact on our environment.

Peace! Poetikat

Light Switch

In Newfoundland this Christmas year,
Along with bringing festive cheer,
Santa Claus has this advice:
LEDs are twice as nice.

Bring old lights in to stations set,
Just trade them in and you will get,
Double packs of brand new lights
And LEDs are pretty sights.

Not only that; these lights can save
Great metric tonnes of power we crave;
Single bulbs we use for show;
116 LEDs make glow.

The Holidays increase our power
Consumption mega watts by hour—
Enough to light the Mt. Pearl spot,
Or Cornerbrook, and that’s a lot!

So make your way to near depot;
Hand back your lights of long ago;
From far and wide let new be seen—
Even Santa’s wearing green!

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007

You Will Rue The Day

Lots of stuff on the net these days really surprises, but does not shock me. Generally, I am more saddened by events of late, rather than angered. It is truly unfortunate that today’s young people think it’s okay to get totally hammered and make fools of themselves, not just for their own little circles, but for all the world to see. Apparently, it’s a good idea to take nude photos of yourself and send them willy-nilly to all on your contacts list.

The invention of e-mail and the webcam is a fun, novel thing, but think twice before you play around with it. It may come back to haunt you.

Net Worth
(an open letter to the students of today)

Quite common these days in the news
To find stories that often bemuse;
Just today, take a look
Find the posts on Facebook,
Catch a contest for students who booze!

It’s true! While you get your degree
At Memorial, Western, UV…
The more drink you can drain,
For the public domain,
You’ll go down in the school’s history.

It seems more and more on the net
You don’t care what you show; no regret–
In a nude photograph,
You don’t do it by half,
If full-frontal might win you a bet.

In the future you may come to rue
Every antic that once defined you–
When you’re out for a lark,
You may well make your mark,
But your errors you cannot undo.

The net’s seen by near everyone,
Digging dirt and sensation is fun–
Put your buttocks online,
For the cam guzzle wine,
But forget not the site “Smoking Gun”.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007

Hello, Pilgrims!

Often my mother will tell me proudly that her ancestors came over on the Mayflower. Of course her immediate family comes from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, but that’s not important. Today of all days, I have to say I’m a descendant of the Pilgrims and so I too am thankful along with my American cousins. Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogger friends in the USA!

Ravenous Rodents

Rococo Squirrels
Rococo Squirrels are rampant
In my backyard these days;
Their pudgy arms and stocky legs
Betray their greedy ways.

Where once they lightly scampered round
From tree to tree to fence;
These days they lumber heavily
‘Neath limbs and girth immense.

Still, showdowns aren’t unusual
When squads storm my porch-floor;
Scrapping over nuts and seeds
I’ve just flicked out the door.

With Autumn’s end, the Sumos come
To act out their burlesque;
Rococo squirrels are wrestling yet–
Or are they Rubenesque?

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007

(Actual shot of the Rococo Squirrels)

Is Trump Trumped?

The Donald has been casting his net farther afield these days– overseas in the highlands of Scotland. Trump is hoping to acquire land for his newest,”best golf course in the world”. Problem is, the locals don’t take too kindly to strangers – even if they have pots of money. In this poem, I’ve tried to get in the heads of all concerned and even dipped into Shakespeare’s mind for a measure.


Trump, “The Donald’s” on a quest
His new golf-course will be best;
Only thing that’s in his path,
Man of Scotland and his wrath.
Didn’t help Trump said, unjust,
Forbes’s land raised his disgust;
Farmer, Michael can’t be bought;
Now the Donald’s truly caught.

His heart’s set on Balmedie,
But the Heritage Agency,
Sides with Forbes and pressure group;
Trump may have to fly the coop,
‘Less he pulls Ace from his sleeve–
Ancestry, if we believe;
Mary, of the MacLeod clan
Was his mother—that’s his plan–

Win the heart and mind of Scot;
Macbeth’s lady would be hot,
If she knew that she’d been trumped,
By such scheme–she merely bumped
Duncan off–who blocked her way
Donald’s fending off a fray;
Hopes the Scottish Enterprise
Will permit and see he’s wise.

Dunes are blowing off, says Don,
To The Guardian — it’s no con;
Stabilize, will Donald’s course,
Still against the local force.
Critics claim land’s old and rare;
Habitat deserves their care;
Don’s hope lies with tourist trap,
Else his scheme he’ll have to scrap.
Such a shame to see it go–
Nae “Loch Vegas” towers, “Och, no!”

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007