Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

And now for a little poem about “hygge”. We’ve got the fire going, and there’s food in the fridge, all we need is some visitors, a few Tuborg beers and a big bottle of Aquavit in the freezer. Skal! (Come and join me, won’t you?)

Days of Hygge

When skies are grey in Canada
And outside rules a storm,
We snuggle up inside our house
Where “hygge”keeps us warm.

“What is this hooga?”, you may ask–
Not hearing word before,
So “Velkommen”, we say to you;
Step in through our front door–

Where fire’s burning in the stove,
Candles flicker bright;
Table’s set for feasting while
With friends we do unite.

Cozy couches pushed up close
To the fire’s glow;
Toast your neighbor with a “skal”!
Aqvavit must flow!

Lots of food keeps coming out
On the heaping plates;
Take up your Tuborg in between—
Hygge rule dictates…

Tradition of the Northern lands
We willingly embrace;
Enjoying all the comforts of
My husband’s dad’s birthplace.

When winter’s breath is blowing
Its dreary days so dank,
We’re cozy in our little house;
The Danes we needs must thank.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007


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