Ravenous Rodents

Rococo Squirrels
Rococo Squirrels are rampant
In my backyard these days;
Their pudgy arms and stocky legs
Betray their greedy ways.

Where once they lightly scampered round
From tree to tree to fence;
These days they lumber heavily
‘Neath limbs and girth immense.

Still, showdowns aren’t unusual
When squads storm my porch-floor;
Scrapping over nuts and seeds
I’ve just flicked out the door.

With Autumn’s end, the Sumos come
To act out their burlesque;
Rococo squirrels are wrestling yet–
Or are they Rubenesque?

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007

(Actual shot of the Rococo Squirrels)

15 thoughts on “Ravenous Rodents

  1. I wish I had. Unfortunately, my second-hand digital camera (Christmas gift from the in-laws!) is on the fritz – big surprise. So, I had to scour the net. I hope to get a NEW camera this Xmas – keep your fingers crossed.Sorry about your lawn – weve given up on that and just let them run riot.Kat


  2. The squirrel looks so cute! you can't really stay mad at somehting that looks like that can you?They are quite destructive though. My kitten got attacked by one once… She killed him and dragged him to the doorstep as a giftx


  3. Hey KatDid you watch the Bachelor special last night with Jenni and DeAnna? It ws so frustrating to watch because you could tell what they wanted to know but they weren't asking the right questions and he certainly wasn't explaining very well at all.


  4. Kat, I don't know which I love more – the poem or the visual accompaniment (to call it a mere photo is to discount its appropriateness to the poem's subject, even though it wasn't the exact scene you wanted, you chose your selection well). I almost want to set that whole scene to music – honestly! Rubenesque indeed. Which reminds me, your use of the word SUMO made me laugh especially hard. In 1995 or thereabouts, we had a squirrel WITH NO NECK, she was positively HUMONGOUS, she looked almost like a pinata with fur. We named her SUMO of course. You've inspired me to look for a photo of her to post online.Thanks for a delightful blog. I'll be back, squirreling around!Caryn


  5. Ha! These remind me of the cheeky squirrels in Vancouver. There was one who used to climb up the window frame and stare in rudely, asking for peanuts. If we left the door open, I often found him in the house, on the kitchen table, raiding scraps of food!


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