A Little Fun for Friday

I’ve been posting a bit of doom and gloom lately, so I thought I’d lighten it up a bit and get back to my usual fun rhymes. Yesterday, I happenend upon a cool blog. While stopping by The Dog House, I came across a poster named SquirrelMama and I had to check her out! She’s got a rather new blog called Grey and Red, A Squirrel Journal (I know! Crazy eh?) Anyway, being the squirrel nut that I am meself (my Irish background kicking in there), I was thrilled to find her and left her a nice long comment, to which she graciously replied and stopped by Poetikat’s to read my earlier poem, Rococo Squirrels. She enjoyed it very much and I was pleased as punch and this got me motivated to put pen to paper and get this poem (ditty really) down that I had been thinking about for a while. So, for my new mate, SquirrelMama, here’s…Orson!

Orson Swells

With every peanut that he’s found,
Orson swells.
With seed that’s scattered on the ground,
Orson swells.
He’s rotund as a vat of wine,
His butt’s the biggest in the line;
Each time he dashes in to dine,
Orson swells.

With every snack he snatches up,
Orson swells.
With tidbits tossed from plastic cup,
Orson swells.
Of rav’nous rodents waiting for,
The click that signals opening door;
He seems the squirrel who munches more,
Orson swells.

In greedy maw he stuffs them in,
Orson swells.
I swear, he’s got a double chin,
Orson swells.
His ears are short, his tail is long,
His appetite is ever-strong;
I hope you have enjoyed my song,
Orson swells.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2008


20 thoughts on “A Little Fun for Friday

  1. Kat,ROTFLMWO (rolling on the floor laughing my Walnuts off)dare I say it but your “Orson” is so very very very……SWELL!If he were ever to read this (squirrelling around on the computer, and perhaps even sweet-talking your computer's mouse to help him get there) he'd read your tribute and likely get a big head. But then hey, wouldn't it simply match the rest of his avoirdupois??You've inspired me to hunt up an old photo of dear sweet Sumo, a female who likely would have been an appropriate main squeeze (and I do mean SQUEEZE) for Orson. I'll try to post Sumo on my blog soon – even if she ends up exceeding the limit for megabytes.Caryn/squirrelmama


  2. This is sooo good Kat! I never knew how many squirrel fans there were out there. What do you think of my new Wednesday post? I think its a good way to get people to circulate around to my friends!


  3. Wonderful! Hilarious! I wonder how many bloggers know who Orson Swells—I mean Wells—with his larger-than-life personality was.P.S.~ I have had more than one person suggest that my appearance reminds them of Mr. Wells in his later years. I don't believe them.


  4. Hi All!I'm so pleased you've enjoyed this one (and so would Orson be.)Welcome Sweetass RSA, Astrogalaxy Rback No Nonsense Girl and Squirrelmama–Glad to see you!Thanks for the compliment on the pic, Linda.Hello to Nothingman, Nick and iBeati.Dog–glad to give you some blogtime – your blog needs to be seen.And a big Hey! to my buddy Michelle.I never know whether to do this type of response, or go to other people's blogs. What do you think the correct etiquette is???Kat (on Sunday morning (pre-coffee)


  5. Hi Kat,Thanks for your comment on my site. I look forward to seeing any poetry contributions you may come up with! I love the rhythm and flow of Orson swells, and the classical lilt of the language. Plus I love squirrels 🙂 Cheers,Unskilled Poethttp://unskilledpoet.blogspot.com


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