My mother was a fur hat!

Wiarton Willie

Wiarton Willie is his name
Prognostication is his game
Call him woodchuck, or whistle pig
Come mid-winter, his fame is big.

Wiarton Willie, first began
When Mac Mackenzie had a plan
One winter’s day in ‘56
Devised he, grandest of gimmicks.

Wiarton Willie came about
When Star reporter sought him out;
Mac, he grabbed his wife’s fur hat,
Dug snowy-burrow—that was that!

Wiarton Willie made the press
Most folks thought, “Hey! That’s b-s!”
Didn’t stop them coming round,
To spy the hog from underground.

Wiarton Willie had some flack
Kicked the bucket -–real setback.
How then, they, did that blow, soften?
Decked him out in his own coffin!

Wiarton Willie lay in state
Quite the scandal to relate—
Promoters had the public bluffed
‘Til they learned the hog was stuffed!

Wiarton Willie–not so nice
Murdered mates, not once, but twice;
Keeper kept it all hush-hush
So to keep Town Council flush.

Wiarton Willie he’s no “Phil”
Canadians use the guy to shill;
Now each year for “Groundhog Day”
He has an auction on E-bay!

© 2008 – Kathleen Mortensen


23 thoughts on “My mother was a fur hat!

  1. Hey now, a fabulous fun verse that gives ME the willies about hanging out with Willie. Someone needs to redeem the good reputation of rodents and clearly, “W-squared” is not our man. I prognosticate only more and more trouble for anything connected with this dude.


  2. Hello you – thanks for leaving a comment on my Blog. I cannot believe you follow the Toon Army. I am sitting typing this and what can I see – St James Football Ground straight in front of me! It is now 16 hours since I last had some chocolate!!!!!Pix


  3. Lee, I don't know what Punxsutawney is like, but Wiarton is a way up in the north of Ontario in Georgian Bay cottage country. It's a smallish town – with your typical small-town people. Nice, of course.Linda – yep, apparently a groundhog is the same as a woodchuck, but “whistle-pig” was a new on me!Thanks, Baba — hanging out with you is rubbing off.SQmama-I think you're right: Dude has bad karma.Pixie, my husband would give his right arm to be sitting where you are. Eat some chocolate, for God's sake!Kat


  4. Hello Kat, Very nice poetry. I must say you are very talented. Thank you for coming over and visiting my blog. I love your blog too. Would you mind if I placed your link on “my favorite blogs list?” I look forward to reading more of your poems.


  5. Peggy – I had never heard the term “whistle-pig”. I did some research for the poem and the word came up. I HAD to fit in, because it is classic!Rachel – Yes, indeed. Oh, dear.Neetzy – Love those names – especially “Dover Doug”. Hilarious!Kat


  6. Good deduction, Jeannelle! It's an agricultural newspaper. I know how groundhogs can be the bane of a farmer's existence and thought they might appreciate the take on “Willie”.Christine (QP) – Thanks! Not snapped up by the big guys though – no bites from The Star.Kat


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