10 Things you’ll never hear me say.

Photo by S. Jackman on Flickr.

I don’t know if this sort of thing is out there on the blogs anywhere at all, but this morning while I was semi-conscious and lying in my bed, it occurred to me that I will never say the words, “My daughter” or “My son”. I don’t admit this to expose my regret or resentment over this fact; I have long since come to terms with not having any children, but it started me thinking about some other things I will never say. This list should reveal more about me than anything else I could tell you. Of course, since it is I who am dreaming this up, I’ve created a list more for its humourous value than for any poignancy…

So, this is my first homegrown Meme. I’m tagging Michelle, Scott, Linda,Jen, Fenny and Cameron, Gorilla Bananas and Lee.

Here in random order: 10 things you’ll never hear me say:

1. I’m going outside for a smoke.

2. Put another steak on the barbeque for me.

3. I got those WWF tickets!

4. I’ll load up the Hummer.

5. Crank up that Motorhead.

6. I can’t wait to watch “The View”.

7. Look at my new fur coat.

8. Let’s do some belly shots!

9. Just throw those boxes in the garbage.

10. We’re going bungee-jumping! Woo hoo!


13 thoughts on “10 Things you’ll never hear me say.

  1. Here I was getting all excited thinking that perhaps I'd have a meme to do. But no, you had to go and list everything that I would never say, either! :-DHmmm…. Well, there are two that I could add: 1) I'll take care of that right now, and 2) I'll get up early….Fun!


  2. See you in church.Actually that's not entirely true. Sometimes I sing in the choir. Of The Varieties of Religious Experience which William James wrote about the most profound for me is the incredible music inspired by faith. I just try not to pay too much attention to the words. The Bible should say, In the Beginning was the music, and the music was God. The music is my way of worshipping. It touches something so very deep in me that I am sometimes almost transported as others can be by prayer and praise. That's consistent with my affinity for the American Indian's Great Spirit, as opposed to an anthropomorphic being. I am an agnostic,defined as “One who holds the view that ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowable”. That's more than you wanted to know about my meme I'm sure.


  3. I don't do memes, but I'll respond to this one here:(1) Where's my wig?(2) How much is that waistcoat?(3) I'll have a whiskey.(4) I'm allergic to nuts.(5) Let's go and see the lions.(6) Bring me my suit of armour.(7) Let's name him Cedric.(8) Book him, Danno.(9) One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.(10) Get your paws off me, you damned dirty ape!


  4. Hi Kathleen,Well the first two came to mind immediately … my sincere apologies for that 🙂 … 1.Wow, great I've been tagged! 2.Yes, let's do a meme! 3.No chocolates for me, thanks 4.Let's go to a Celine Dion concert 5.I love mountain climbing 6.It's time to get me some Botox 7.No!!! 8.Let's go fishing 9.No opinion!10.I'm not afraid of spiders


  5. Everyone has really risen to this challenge and I thank you from my heart for taking it on and sharing a little piece of yourselves. Something I'm finding more and more with these things is just how similar we all seem to be rather than what differences we have. Interesting indeed.Kat


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