Trip to the Salon


Salon stinks of potions and peroxide
Almost masked by sprays and shampoos
The girl at the desk has the latest look—
An animated advertisement
She checks her appointment book
For my name.
Tick. “Take a seat”.

“Trixie” clicks
Across the tiles
Towards me
Big grin—
Her fingers, French-manicured,
Reach for mine.
Shake the hand, then shear the head.

I need to use the “Ladies”.

Down a steep, stone flight.
At the base of the stair
Former hair-model heads
Heaped on a shelf
Are the stuff of nightmare.
I swear.
George Michael is in there.

Unsettled, it takes some time to produce.

Trixie leads the way back
To the black basins
I contemplate that man can
Plan to live on another planet,
And yet not create a sink
Less like torture
For the trapezius.

Muted mood music
Moving through the room
Reminds me of a classy restaurant
As Trix, clips to specification
From the photograph
Of Mrs. Beckham…
“All the ladies love this cut”.

Bits of hair harass the back
Of my neck.
The bristle brush whisks,
But still I itch.

Fifty bucks (with a tip for Trixie)
“Come again” she chirps.
I glance in the mirror and recognize
I have about an hour
Before the look is lost
For good.

©2008 – Kathleen Mortensen


14 thoughts on “Trip to the Salon

  1. Why is it that we can never get our hair to look like it does at the hairdresser's?I will try to get to the meme over the weekend. Spring Break starts for me on Monday and I still have class tonight and tomorrow morning. I am using all my reserves to get to these last two classes.


  2. It's not that it's hard, it's just that my hair has a real natural wave to it and I can't be bothered blow-drying it straight. I usually wash it and comb it and let it do its own thing. Or, if I'm really adventurous, I put some “product” in to fluff up the details.Kat


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