Friday Flashback Part I – Just Because

A quote from Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited (yes, you would think that was my Bible, wouldn’t you?) is one that made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it on television and sigh knowingly when I came to read the book. It is spoken by the protagonist’s cousin, Jasper, as he tries to give Charles Ryder a piece of his knowledge about how to behave whilst at university. Charles, naturally, ignores this (otherwise we would not have a story), and I in my own way, did the very same thing.
The line which now makes me look back and laugh, groan, and shake my head is this:
“…You’ll find you spend half your second year shaking off the undesirable friends you made in your first.”
There you have it.
The naiveté with which one approaches First Year university, is nearly palpable. For my part, having spent 3 years of high school in a Catholic all-girls’ school, I was ill-equipped for the lotharios and losers who had managed to get themselves a place under the pretense of obtaining a degree.
Of course, like the literary heroines I was about to study, I would fall prey to my share. In First Year, I was a real-life Clarissa to a few Robert Lovelaces. Being the romantic and a poet, I composed this simple little heartfelt piece for one of my First Year “loves”.

Not In Love

Just because you stand so tall
And strength defines your form
Just because your hair is blond
And your blue eyes are so warm
Just because the Rolling Stones
Are all I want to hear
Just because I lose control
Whenever you are near
Just because I melt inside
When you look down at me
Just because your skin’s so smooth
In the hollow of your cheek
Just because I know you want me
Yet, you seem so shy
It isn’t love, is it?
And if it isn’t, why?

© Kathleen Mortensen nee Davison – 1980 (Fall)

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13 thoughts on “Friday Flashback Part I – Just Because

  1. Ah young, but obviously not foolish. Myself, I was young once (believe it or not) and extremely foolish. Excellent post Kat.~JD


  2. I'd forgotten what young love was like. Well I should really call it young infatuation. I remember it so clearly after reading your poem. Not the Rolling Stones though… Take That! Fabulous poem Kat. xx


  3. ha college I thought I was going to become a female Plato-instead I was introduced to the masses who were alone for the first time in their lives. That an their discovery of alcohol and drugs turned first year into a nightmare.


  4. I absolutely love your poem. Especially the last two lines.At the start of my sophomore year the dean sent me to a single room to study and only come out for basketball practice and to eat. I had been living with four party boys who were enough smarter than I to pass their courses even while partying. I was flunking and the dean and basketball coach took action. Frank Sinatra and I lived together in a dorm room and I turned it around. That comment about changing friends the second year is a truism.


  5. Ah, so I should remember this post then if I do eventually attend Uni? ;)Anyway, there's nothing wrong with taking a break, don't worry, no need to explain, you're preaching to the converted, so to speak xDAnyway. I think that brings us up to speed =]


  6. That was a lovely poem. I really enjoyed it.I'm still young in school and I see foolish kids everywhere thinking they are 'in love' and break up weeks later. Girls are getting pregnant here and there as if it was the latest trend.I've been approached by so many boys spewing out ridiculous lines about how much they love me then use the same lines on another, it's rather humorous. Then of course I fall for a friend who actually holds love dear, but he is waiting for someone already taken.I like your comment about changing friends. There a people that will help you, that you can connect with, that you can count on. Then there are people that will just bring you down to the wrong path.


  7. JD – Foolish doesn't even begin to describe it!Elise – have you seen the flick, “Music and Lyrics”. Too funny!Bird, I think you'll like Part II of this. Plato, eh? Admirable aspiration. I fancied myself another Bronte, I think (or Kate Bush).Lee – no “Tender Trap” or “Black Magic” for you then? (Apart from on the turntable, I mean.)GB – not wise enough, I'm afraid.PLT – speaking of wise beyond their years.Linda – Ah, yes! Good old lust. It always gets one into trouble, one way or another.Paterika, nice to see you back! I'd love to hear more about those McGill days. I was at U of T.Aw, thanks, Sqirrelmama.Angelica, I don't think the film “Juno” is going to help that situation. Do you?Hey No Nonsense girl. Merci!I'm glad this piece is touching so many of you. It's not an easy time, when you first get thrust into that world. It's a whole lot funnier in retrospect.


  8. Yep. That’s the way we romantics live, isn’t it? I composed a little ditty to my high school love (at a distance only, until we reached college), named Candy“C” she’s cantankerous“A” but so amorous“N” she’s naughty but nice“D” I’m delirious“Y” It’s mysteriousBut Candy is the love of my lifeDamn! I’m surprised that I remembered all of that.


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