Miley Cyrus – Exposed or Exploited?


When Miley had her photo took
Ms. Liebovitz, she needed hook
From other side of camera’s vue–
So stripped she down, the ingénue.

No Hannah now, with fresh-faced smile
Or Daddy’s girl–does this defile
The Sweetheart, new, of U.S.A.–
Has Disney’s darling gone astray?

In satin, white, of bridal gown,
A bed-mussed sheet, set to slip down
With trailing tress – not ponytail–
The trap is set–the bait, for jail.

In light of Zion, Bountiful –
This child’s nubile, and naked pull
Is out of joint, and upturned now–
Transforms the babe, to cold-cash cow.

Kathleen Mortensen ©2008

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13 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus – Exposed or Exploited?

  1. OMG, I can't believe I'm going to comment on this situation.I have a friend in NYC that arranges these types of shoots. The parents and/or a guardian are always on set, and discuss and sign contracts previous to the shoot. Ms. C's parents/guardians knew exactly what was going on. Child actors, models, and performers are only such because their guardians facilitate and enable their careers. No one is an innocent; everyone knows what the deal is.While I personally think the photo was rather cliche, it is a beautiful portrait and done in “good taste.” Besides, Ms. C wasn't posing for People or Redbook; what did she expect?As always, your writing is an interesting take on the subject!


  2. DD, While I do see the artistic merit in such a photo-shoot, I am concerned that the pedophiles of this world will see it as another vehicle for their salacious activities. I hold the parents responsible, not necessarily the artist/photographer. The picture undeniable juxtaposes the child in the girl and the potential sensuality. (Imho)Kat


  3. The quality of the photos was indeed beautiful but there was certainly a sexual overtone to it, the semi nakedness and combination of innocence and underlying sexuality. Unfortunately there are problems with a 15 year old girl putting it out there when she meets up with a predatory male. Having the “look” does not always go hand in hand with having the maturity to back it up. Her “myspace” pics were just a cheeky teenager look but the Vanity Fair shots were a whole different story. Apart from my rant – I have to say that your poem was great.


  4. Hello Kat, I saw the photos on t.v.. I really don't think they were that bad. I do think she has a wholesome image to uohold as long as little girls make a majority of her fans. I do think her dad should have been more careful about letting his 15 year old daughter pose this way for everyone to see. There's a lot of sicko's out there who look for young celebs posing like this online.


  5. I think this will all blow over pretty quickly – it's amazing how devastating weather, world conflict and political gaffes can diminish the importance of such a faux pas.Kat


  6. Hi Poetikat,Well done and very appropriate. This had the bouncy timbre and necessary feel for such a timely piece; serious, yet in keeping with your youthful, and not so innocent subject. Great! -Mike.


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