The Tooth of the Matter: Brushing Kitty’s Teeth

This is Blanche…she’s never had her teeth brushed. She’s 15 and I can tell that she may be having some tooth problems – after she eats, she sort of does this imaginary chewy-thing from side to side, so I believe she’s got some dental issues. I’m freezing some Greenie tartar treats as I write so I can get her to do some serious crunching. Judging by this photo, she may have even lost a tooth.

In my day (I sound like I’m 90), the idea of putting a tooth-brush anywhere near your cat was unheard of! The cats were outdoors all day, not allowed on furniture and locked up in the basement at night.

Our (very fortunate) cats are indoors, fully-clawed, go where they please and take up half the bed at night, but we’ve never brushed their teeth. Now people are buying meat-flavoured pastes and starting when their pets are only kittens. We bought the paste and the tiny brush, but the cats just laughed behind their paws. They did like the taste of the paste, but when it came time to actually inserting a brush in their mouths, well, let’s just say they had objections.

Some other cats apparently even grow to like the procedure – see video below:

But some don’t:

Now if she could just get him to rinse and spit!


11 thoughts on “The Tooth of the Matter: Brushing Kitty’s Teeth

  1. I would love to brush my cats' teeth, but then again, I like my skin non-shredded. Cats need good dental care, but I'd much rather leave the shredding to my vet.


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