Svengali Approach

Oh, Nymph!

He called me Calypso

Of course it was to lure me
Into a false sense of security–
Give the virgin an exotic name,
Mercilessly entrap
In a veil of deceit,
Convince me of
My uniqueness–
That fascinating quality
That failed to exist.

He called me Calypso

A master stroke
To use myth against me
Play on the puny
Ego resting in my breast
Hold me to his conceit
Spoonfeed me
And let me gorge–
Being a student
Of literature

He called me Calypso

Full-knowing I would fall
Into his arms
And into his bed
Or rather, onto
The crushed-velvet couch
In the green room
Of the radio-station
On campus

He called me Calypso…
Until his Circe came.

Kathleen Mortensen ©2008

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16 thoughts on “Svengali Approach

  1. This poem has emotion and power. Reading this, I feel anger, and hope, and pain, and … misused. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Bravo…two thumbs up!! Most enjoyable…I wish I could have it gilded on a poster with the painting for my room! By chance where you a kisser of the blarney stone?…Lol…Love you Kat!


  3. Ah! GB, there were far too many Circe's and a few more “Calypsos”, I'm sure.Sandy – yes, as a student, I enjoyed the Myths – and The Odyssey in particular.Cirellio, if I have made you feel all those things, then you have tread my path and I have accomplished something.Thanks, Courtney – Yes, I have indeed kissed the “Stone”. This, however, is no blarney. I only wish it were.Thank you STP – praise from you means much.Fenny – coming from you, a woman and a great poet, your comments will be held in my heart for a long time.


  4. I really enjoyed this, Kat. Bravo, well done! May this poem's light pale in comparison to all your future writing, though I can't remember a poem I've enjoyed as much as this in a very long time.


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