Go Plathidly…

I vs. Sylvia

I am not Sylvia Plath,
nor will I ever be.
Far too full
of frivolity
and optimism am I.
Never one for death-traps
or doldrums,
Not wed to womanizing,
weaver of words,
no asylum-time.

I am not Sylvia Plath.
Not plumbing the depths
of a dreary soul
or seeking sweet sanctuary
in an open oven-door.
My sunny contrivances
come out most days.
No secrets, dark,
no shadows, bleak
bar my way to bliss.

I am not Sylvia Plath,
merely inconvenienced
by the temporary
of giving care.
Not the Lazarus-Lady, me.
Not grappling
with sad shades
of despair,
not wracked
with writer’s block.

Maketh me
any less the poet,
being unlike Plath?
She, at least,
is safe to say
from her Purgatory-place,
“I gave them birth!”
By that, I mean
her progeny,
not her poetry–
She one-ups me there.

I am not Sylvia Plath,
Tho’ I have sleepless nights
and think often of my death,
think often of my death.

Kathleen Mortensen ©2008


8 thoughts on “Go Plathidly…

  1. That is a fun poem!I can see how you are not Sylvia, perhaps you haven't any woods nearby… but I enjoyed the poetry.I was an English major in college. Became an English teacher… somehow got placed teaching technology (though I'm still teaching them English, they just don't know it!).What nice things you said over there at Job's Tale! Very nice of you. And to link to me as well! You are generous as well.I love the humor in your profile and posts.–Will


  2. Sandy, Yes, I've seen the film and thought it was really well done.Curious Servant, Lovely to have you stopping in. I am pleased to have an English teacher enjoy my work. I hope you'll be back soon.Kat


  3. Nice work Kat, Hopefully there is no Ted Hughes in the house either, right? LOL!! (or is that the companion poem to this one)?Or as the Desiderata would say:GO PLATH-IDLY AMID THE NOISE AND HASTE….


  4. KatI don't know where to start. I think this is one of my favorite poems. I loved learning about Sylvia this way. I loved the contrast and comparison. I loved the sort of dark playfulness of it all. Very very well done! I read it four times!


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