Movie Memories (from the cobwebs of my brain)

This photo courtesy of S. Sobczuk on Flickr, is from my hometown of Kitchener, Ontario (in the 1940s)

Most of you probably don’t know that movies are a HUGE part of my life and always have been. Not many children get taken to see The Battle of Britain as a tot (8 years old), nor do they force their pals to watch old screwball comedies like Arsenic and Old Lace at their 11th birthday sleepover. I did.

I was raised on War movies, Westerns, Gangster Flicks, Musicals and Oscar-winners. I can rarely go a day without having the movies enter into it. If it’s not my mom giving me the latest update on the “great movie” she and my dad watched on Turner Classic last night, then it’s a Final Jeopardy question. I spend most of my time saying either, “We must watch that one again,” or “Ooh, I’d love to see that!”

We have an extensive collection of films– some classics, some contemporary– all genres and particularly, we love the foreign films. With my husband being of Scandinavian (Danish) descent and us being all about the “hygge” , we have taken great joy in exploring the dogme films and other quirky and delightful films of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and even Iceland. We own at least 100 foreign films.

Kev and I have even talked about buying an old movie theatre in a small town and refurbishing it, just so we can show our favourites. Of course that would mean winning a lottery, so it’s doubtful that will ever happen, but we can dream!

So, when I saw this post at Ken Armstrong Writing, my skin literally tingled in anticipation. In fact, I wish there were more than 13 questions on this topic. I could do this all day!

If you’re a movie lover too, play along, won’t you?

1) List one movie that made you laugh:
Withnail and I (I laughed so hard the first time I saw this movie–tears were running down my face.) It remains my favourite comedy of all time. Here’s my review for the Imdb

2) List one movie that made you cry:
Cry is not the word. Weep, is what I did.
Hotel Rwanda If you’ve never seen this film, you are doing a disservice to yourself and the people who suffered through the atrocities at that time.

3) Name one movie you loved when you were a child:
Ring of Bright Water

My love of animals has carried over into my adult life. ROBW was one of the first movies I saw (after Born Free, which I love as well), but seeing a man with an otter in his apartment was hilarious! I wanted one of my own.

4) List one movie you’ve seen more than once:
There are many, but The Talented Mr. Ripley springs to mind – I love the plot, the acting, the locale, the music – it’s fantastic! I can watch it again and again.

5) One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it:
I loved Ishtar. It got panned by the critics (it gets 3.6/10 on the Imdb), but the characters were so against type for such seasoned actors as Hoffman and Beatty, that I just ate it up. One scene in the desert where they are buying guns from Arabs is pee-inducing. Really!

6) One movie you hated:

Blue Velvet I watched it with a boyfriend who thought it was fantastic. I thought it was sick and stupid.

7) List one that scared you
The original Poseidon Adventure. I was eleven and my mom and I went to see it. I had to leave the theatre, I was so terrified.

8) List one movie that bored you:
I’m not easily bored – I can watch lengthy courtroom dramas, foreign films and period pieces.
Having said that, The period piece based on Edith Wharton’s novel, The House of Mirth, is like watching paint dry. My husband, who will sit through the likes of Pride and Prejudice and actually enjoy it, could not stand this movie. Neither could I.

9) List one movie that made you happy:
Fame How can you not get happy when everyone is singing and dancing and doing what they love?
and more recently, Almost Famous

10) List one movie that made you miserable:
Leaving Las Vegas

This is the most depressing movie I have ever seen. The man played by Nicholas Cage, spends the entire time drinking himself to death (literally) and the woman, played by Elizabeth Shue, is a tragic prostitute figure. They find a sort of love-connection before he succeeds at his mission to die.

11) List one movie you expected to be great, but it wasn’t:

Hot Fuzz
Friends said it was hysterically funny. Reviews said it was hilarious. My husband and I chuckled once or twice. Half-way through, we walked out.

12) List one movie you weren’t brave enough to see:
The Exorcist
Being Catholic, I do have a keen belief in the presence of Satan. This movie was no “Omen” ( of which I love every single minute). This was the real deal – possession with a capital “P” and all that goes with it.
The reviews at the time told of viewers getting sick in the aisles and running out screaming. The sound of pigs being slaughtered having been used to great effect, did not in any way encourage me to make my way to the theatre. I have seen bits and pieces of it on t.v., but I’m not inclined to rent it, or own it.

13) List one movie character you’ve fallen in love with:
Michael Kitchen’s character of Berkeley Cole in Out of Africa. I know, all the women swooned for Robert Redford’s Denys Finch-Hatton, but I love those scrawny Brits with their quirky smiles and sexy accents.


12 thoughts on “Movie Memories (from the cobwebs of my brain)

  1. Oops! Yes, sorry, Matthew. I was back and forth for links to the flicks and forgot to credit you.KatCaroline – either that, or a bed and breakfast with a movie room!


  2. You put me to shame with your quality movie answers. :)Withnail is I is fabulous and hugely-quotable.Haven't seen Hotel Rwanda (will push it up the list now) but used the trailer to perfect my accent when I played the Golly in Ritual of Dolls on stage (now there's a subject for a future post… where's my notebook?)You should see Exorcist, it's a cold, psychologically-taxing movie marred by dated and always childish special-effects.Ishtar?? Wow, that's brave! :)Such fun, thanks for playing.


  3. WHAT?!? You didn't like “Hot Fuzz”?!?!?Wow. I no longer have an ass because I laughed it off during that movie.I guess you have to be a fan of the source material, though – dumb action/buddy movies.My gulity pleasure is almost as bad as yours: “Johnny Dangerously”.”You fargin sneaky bastage! I'ma gonna tear offa you arms, I gonna shove em uppa you ice hole!”Pure gold.


  4. HiSaw you on Ken's and came to see your movie list. Great choices…I don't share all of yours (that would be too weird….some individuality is required!) but I too HATED 'Blue Velvet'. It was very trendy when I was at uni and we all 'had' to love it but I couldn't see the appeal then or now. I never much liked 'Twin Peaks' either. Wackiness and eccentricity can feel too forced…I love 'Almost Famous' too and as for 'Leaving Las Vegas'…depressing indeed. There is plenty of misery and torture in the world…that film just added to it all and had no saving graces. Horrible.See you again.x


  5. L.G. Squirrel – glad you enjoyed it, it was fun to write. It's just a dream, I'm sure.Ken, Thank you! Re: Ishtar – Yes, I'm brave – I've been the butt of many a joke on that one.What in the Sam Hill is a Golly?Willow – and does your Michael Kitchen sentiment extend to Foyle?Baba – it may have been out mood. I don't know. I felt the same way about British “The Office” the first time I saw it, but laughed my keester off the next time. So, maybe on another try.Rachel – not a Twin Peaks fan either – only the theme sung by what's his name again? The name escapes me. Anybody???Sandy – stop, you're embarrassing me!Kat


  6. 1-The Ref made me laugh2-Hearts in Atlantis made me cry3-loved Fantasia as a child4-So many more than once!!!5-Guilty pleasure-13 Going On 306-hated Stargate7-The Haunting ('63) scaared me8-Fear & Loathing bored me9-American President made me happy10-Children of Men made me feel miserable 11-Death Becomes Her-expected more12-Chicken to see Open Water13-Loved Bob Hoskins in “Mermaids” opposite Cher


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