Song Remains the Same

I’ve been tagged by my good friend, Willow at the The Willow Manor
This is a fun, if difficult (at least it was for me – I was wracking my brains all night on this one!) little meme about music. The catch is, it’s not your favourite songs that everybody knows about and likes; it’s the songs you don’t want to admit to liking or at least find a bit embarrassing to own up to. See. Not so easy now, is it?

The rules:
1. Post the link to the person who tagged you and post the
rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others that
you like and tell why.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post.

Well, here are the ones I’ve narrowed it down to and I’m saving the best for last (although I think a good number of you will probably like it too.)
Click on the links to see a Youtube performance of 1-4.

1. Magic from the Xanadu soundtrack, recorded by Olivia Newton John. I’m sorry, but I loved this movie! In 1980 it was really cool! What was not to like? Gene Kelly dancing with Olivia and everyone on rollerskates! It was dy-no-mite! I sometimes hear this song in stores and I find myself singing along (I know every word) and people staring at me. Oh well! Everyone made fun of me for loving Xanadu and now, almost 30 years later – it’s a broadway musical. So there!

2. Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis.
Now, I was a post-punk, goth back in the day before the Pussy Cat Dolls started wearing tartan skirts! I swathed myself in black, wore mismatched earrings and studded belts, pointy black boots and spiky hair (believe it or not!), but somewhere along the line, I got sidetracked with a deviation into the world of cross-over country.
I first heard this song in a little bar outside of Kingston, Ontario where I was staying with my cousin over the March Break. I was hooked by the smooth, mellow voice and the poignancy of the lyrics. Wha??? I can’t explain how a weekend Brit-punk pogo dancer could fall for that, but – hey “I contain multitudes.” Remember?

3. Grandma’s Feather Bed
by John Denver. Okay, this may explain my foray into country music after all. I always loved John Denver (even have a Christmas album with the Muppets) and this is a toe-tapping, irresistible song that incorporates kids, animals and a big bed! Who can resist that? Googling for info (this photo is my own album, by the way), I discovered there’s now a children’s book based on the song. I love it!

4. Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks This song needs a bit of an explanation. It came out when I was in Jr. High (Grade 8) and I loved it! It was recorded by a Canadian from Manitoba ( I didn’t know that until today – I knew he was a Canuck, but not from where). It was a sad song…yup…suicide is pretty sad, don’t you think? Also a very strange topic for a hit song. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

Good-bye Papa, it’s hard to die
When all the birds are singing in the sky…

Wow! I liked this song as a kid and in spite of myself, when I hear today, I still do. It’s got a great hook, it’s got an interesting 8 notes on the bass-guitar(?) that are very unique and catchy. It’s just a bit morose and weird, but hey! I can be as well. (I cannot for the life of me explain the song on the flip-side!)

And now…the moment you’ve been waiting for (hope you didn’t peek!)

5. The Rainbow Connection sung by Kermie (er Mr. Kermit, the frog). I adore this song and it makes me cry (as I said in the Danny Kaye post, I’m a softie).


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Celebrity Poems

Photos borrowed from Flickr

Brando’s Sonnet

Now am I gone and this great mass reduced,
To dust, no more to shuffle in the light,
Reward some other you have more seduced,
With wine-soaked words and gilded statues bright.
Catch how my image flicks and disappears,
My ashes cast in Death’s great Valley, low,
From Tetiaroa, swept by ocean’s tears,
To float on Bounteous waves of long ago.
For eye of camera I preened and posed,
Kowalski, Kurtz and murm’ring Corleone,
All my remains on celluloid enclosed,
What matter now, when all is said, is done?
In After-Life, I feel less like Jor-el,
Between rings One and Two of Dante’s Hell.

Kathleen Mortensen©2008

Dolly, Wood

What does she muse, at the end of the day,
After she scrubs off her visage, so gay,
Lashes unpeeled, lips faded to pink,
Does she ever peer into her mirror and think:
Who am I really? When the wig’s swept away,
To reveal a cropped cut, threaded through with the gray,
When the breasts are unloaded–no heels prop her high,
Does she see an old woman stare back and just sigh?
God once gave her beauty, but gravity’s pull,
Sends her straight to magicians who keep her lips full,
And stretch her skin taut ‘til it seems not to shift,
Each time it falls back, means another face-lift.
Still dancing the two-step and belting out song–
Does she ever consider her teeth are too long?

Kathleen Mortensen©2008

You are entering a Zone…


You are here at the inception of a brand new blog.

This blog has come about because I maintain another one which is primarily a repository of my creative poems, but periodically I find myself slipping in the odd video that serves to illustrate a piece of my history.

I was born in 1961, which makes me someone who just scrapes in as a Gen-Xer, but I can tell you that who I am today is largely the result of what I watched on television in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. My husband grew up with almost identical t.v.-watching patterns – except that he is greatly influenced by the original Star Trek whereas, I was more of a Batman and Robin fan at that time.

It is my sincere wish that those who visit this blog will be charmed, delighted and transported back to distant, yet sweet memories of eras past and the true gems they presented.

Please stop in often, I will try to keep you entertained by searching for rare and memorable clips.


Bugs Bunny – A whole lotta bull!

A little clip of one of my all-time favourite Bugs Bunny cartoons. This was a great one! Bugs lands himself in the middle of a bull-fighting arena and the laughs ensue!

I expect I was watching this in my flannelette p.j.s propped up on the very square, brown-fabric couch in the living room, with a plateful of peanut butter sandwiches and a large glass of milk.

It was an old black & white General Electric television set housed in a lovely real wood cabinet with swing doors. We used to find my kitten, Smoky, curled up inside by the warmth of the tube.

Enjoy! It’s a brilliant piece from director, Charles M. Jones, voice of Mel Blanc and a trio of brilliant cartoonists.

The exasperated bull reminds me very much of my cat, Gilbert when he has to wait for food.

Birdbath Antics (for Lavinia)

Picture borrowed from Flickr

Three Grackles, Bathing

A short time ago,
From window I spied,
A trio of grackles,
The birdbath, bestride.

Faux-concrete cistern,
This wash-stand for birds,
Ring-full of rainfall,
It reliably girds,

Just after the storms,
Or when sun’s rays shine,
Often a battery of
Birds make beeline,

To splash in its depths,
Flutter their wings,
But grackles are wary,
And do some strange things.

Hopping from centre,
To edges and back,
Before they get dunked in
The deep, they clack, clack.

Cackling like chickens,
They test with their toes,
They’re kids at the seaside,
They’re circus sideshows.

Too soon, it’s all over–
This afternoon swim,
I rush for my camera…
They’ve flown off, on a whim.

Kathleen Mortensen©2008

(N.B. A photo of the afterbath will be posted as soon as it becomes available)

Coping Mechanisms

Photo borrowed from Flickr


the weight of seas–
calm comes
before the blackness
and barrage.

God’s tears,released,
then the torrents,
the hailing stones,
pellets plink-plunk
on tarmac
and car-roof.

Whipped-up winds–
freight trains,
up-ending, up-rooting–
playing chess
with wooden pieces.

Bolts, vertical–
over-zealous Zeus?
Or Thor, thrashing
our humble hyggehus?

I’m avoiding
all things wet,
or metal,
just in case.

Here I cower
on lower stair,
so to sprint
to the safety
of panic room below;
my Grundig clutched,
and sputters out
a meteorological
message of hope…

‘til I crank again.

Standing by
the washing machine,
here I wait
for either light
or night.

Kathleen Mortensen©2008

The Incomparable Danny Kaye…

Willow did a post about Fred Astaire and Nancy Reagan being separated at birth and her preference for Gene Kelly over Astaire and somehow (as we are wont to do) we, her followers diverted the discussion to the topic of the movie White Christmas, which then off-shot to a bit on Danny Kaye. Following the tangent, I engaged Willow in a bit of a query over whether or not she had ever seen the following heart-wrenching performance on the Muppet Show.

This always makes me cry. Can’t help it — I’m really just a BIG softie!

(There, you see. I just watched it again and I’m welling up already!)