Maple Leaf Forever!

That’s my City Hall in the background!
(Photo borrowed from Flickr)

I know you’re all just waiting with bated breath for the next installment of The Soul Mate and I do apologize for the delay, but a few things have conspired to keep me from the task of editing and posting it.

It’s Canada Day here, in my neck of the woods. Woo hoo! Yeah, Canada! As a result, this weekend has been more busy than I had anticipated.

Also, I’m pleased to report that someone has commissioned me to write a Wedding Poem for them and I’ve been putting together a questionnaire to elicit information for the task. I’m also pleased to say that one of my fellow-bloggers has asked me to write a poem for her son’s birthday, which I am more than happy to do.

The other thing that is eating up my time at the minute, is the planning and execution of a little party to celebrate my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary coming up on August 9.

Bottom Line: I will have the Soul Mate, Chapter Four up as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I’ll throw whatever goodies I can into the mix to keep you all entertained. (A poem may even spring to light, who knows?)

As ever, thanks for your dedicated presence here at Poetikat’s and if it’s your first time, please introduce yourself and make sure you come back.




9 thoughts on “Maple Leaf Forever!

  1. It's great that people clamor for your “poetry services” — it must be very gratifying to be asked to write something for their special occasions.Have a wonderful holiday!


  2. I have an anti-wedding poem called 'A wedding poem (not to be read at weddings)'. Bizarrely a few people have said they would like it read at their weddings/their children's weddings!


  3. Sandy – no national anthems on the Playlist, I'm afraid.Cameron, “clamor” is a bit optimistic, but things are going fairly well lately. Hope your 4th of July was okay – and the fires are under control.Hey Jen! Happy 4th of July right back at ya!Nick, There are mixed feelings about this party, but we're plugging along.Rachel – I read your anti-wedding poem and I love it! Despite being happily married – I am so NOT into the spectacle of the whole thing. I got married with about 20 guests at the ceremony and only 10 at the luncheon/reception. I would do it exactly the same way all over again.Lavinia, are you Canadian? Anywhere in Southern Ontario?Michelle – I know, 50 years! The mind boggles. I have no doubt Kevin and I can last that long together, I just wonder if our bodies will hold out that long.Natural – will you be in Ontario? Let me know – come for a visit. (Any time after August 9.)Kat


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