Canadian Idol – What the…?

Is this the face of the next Canadian Idol? GAWD, I hope not!!!

I have a big confession to make: I am a huge Canadian Idol fan. For most of you, that doesn’t mean much since you’re either American, British or from Down Under or ever farther afield.

It’s not American Idol. No, it ain’t, but let me just remind you of some of the talent my beautiful country has birthed:

In no particular order:

Gordon Lightfoot,Leonard Cohen,Jann Arden,Sarah Mc Laughlan,
Avril Lavigne,Shania Twain,Bryan Adams,Feist,Great Big Sea,
Neil Young,B.T.O.,The Guess Who, Michael Buble,Bruce Cockburn,
Tom Cochrane,Anne Murray,Stompin’ Tom Connors,Blue Rodeo
Martha and the Muffins, Rush,Matt Dusk,Nelly Furtado,Lawrence Gowan
Molly Johnson,Sass Jordan,Diana Krall,k.d. Lang,Alanis Morissette
Joni Mitchell,Kim Mitchell…and that’s justa few of our fantastic exports!!!

So, let me assure you, there is tremendous talent to be unearthed and presented to the world at large. Why then, has Can Idol gone off the rails?

I now present, my Rant on Idol (this may become a feature here, on Poetikat’s as I’m so incensed this season that I need to let it all out.)

So… Ready? Set? Here goes:

First up, lets get some cosmetic issues out of the way:
Zack – lose the makeup man! Not a good look for you at all.

And now…What is going on here?

How many Newfies (that’s our colloquial name for Newfoundlanders for all you external readers) watch this show, any way? – the whole province?

Come on! Mark Day is a joke, really. Okay, he has a passable singing voice and he’s a bit of a laugh to watch camp it up – but real talent? NO WAY!

Not fair that folks with legitimate talent are being sent home because Pugsley (or as Kevin likes to say, the “Tiny Talent Time, Where are they now? guy) hasn’t even been put in the bottom 3!!!

Omar was such a great talent he should have gone to the final 4! What a voice! Such powerful yet poignant pipes.

I’m outraged. Can you tell?

I didn’t like Katherine’s or Amberly’s takes on Bowie. Was it just me or was Katherine absolutely drowned out by the band? I don’t for the life of me know why Amberly decided to do Space Oddity when there are so many other songs she could have selected…Heroes, perhaps – a nice acoustic(y) version with her sweet tones – really change it up.

Mookie in the bottom 3! I don’t get that. He is a force to be reckoned with – just needs to push himself a bit.

And still we have the Pigott boy. Give me a break! Making out with your microphone doesn’t make you a hot number!

Oh, and please! What was with that squeaky guitar? I actually thought there was a rogue trumpeter on stage. Honestly. I did.

I’m prepared to say that I could even live with Mark Day for another week, if Pigott had gone. It’s like Survivor – you have to sacrifice your ultimate goal, lose one you need to get rid of now and give it one more week to get rid of the other (who is going to go sooner or later).

Let me just say that I Love Earl Stephens!!! The Cohen/Waits/Jagger hybrid who may be on his own planet, or smoking some as yet undiscovered drug, but he is fan–tas–tic!

Well, that’s my take.

Oh, just one more thing: Farewell to Adam Castelli who was the poor talented bloke who got bumped off in lieu of the truly abysmal.

Way to go with that rendition of Bowie’s, Rebel, Rebel, – you did a great job, especially in your sayonara song. You done it proud man – and we loved the bike too.

Kat – the closet Idol fanatic.

Mark Day, you’re going down…if it’s the last thing I do! (nothin’ personal, buddy)

Visit the Idol website here to see some great vids and other stuff.


7 thoughts on “Canadian Idol – What the…?

  1. I watched Canadian idol the first season..even went down to the studio and sat in the audience for one of the episodes.But I never returned to season 2 or after. Seen one idol seen em all!This is a well thought out rant, though….you should be a special consultant to the show!


  2. I watch American Idol every year Poetikat. There is something so addictive about it and I'm sure Canadian Idol has the same format. They present the hopeful entertainers and their background stories and then proceed to make you love them, or hate them, and then in the end the person the producers really seem to want to win, wins.Someone will do their PhD in psychology thesis about that show one day, I'm sure!


  3. Good rant, and right on, I use to watch the show regularly, but the talent lately just isn't there, and the chemistry between the judges, well it just sucks big time, sometimes embarrassing.


  4. Better late than never.Lavinia – Oh, you should still be watching. I have to disagree with them all being the same. The kids are really talented this year and I still prefer the Can judges to the American Idol trio.Pat – I do think the judges decide who's going to make it ultimately – at least they orchestrate how the audience will vote, based on their comments. You can often tell who they want to leave and who they are backing – particularly on AI.Linda – I have too many vices to name (ha ha). Big Brother has held its grip in the past, but no more (I'm happy to say). I did that 12-step program too.Esther, yes! Isn't he something! He's a backhoe operator from Alberta, but boy can he sing and perform. I love watching him!Sandi – oh yes! There are so many great Canadian actors and directors too.Great to see you Bob!I agree on your take about the chemistry with the judges, BUT as for talent, I think it's definitely on the upswing!Kat


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