Marriage makes it easy


I can touch you
without recrimination
I can touch you
without fear of failure
I can touch you
without worry you’ll run away
like a rousted rabbit
I can touch you
without a knot in the pit
of my stomach
I can touch you
with love on my lips
I can touch you
without lifting a finger

Kathleen Mortensen©2008


22 thoughts on “Marriage makes it easy

  1. I think that takes some of the passion out of it. When you know you can have it, it doesn't seem as great when you get it.It was a lovely write. I wonder, if I'll ever get married.Probably not.


  2. Thanks, Willow.Noah, there are varying degrees of passion. Passion without commitment and trust and confidence in each other can be very hollow.I will grant you that physical passion is usually co-existent with elusiveness and transience, but I've had both and trust me, real mature passion is so much more!Thanks Alex! I'm sorry your hoominze blog is down, maybe tomorrow things will be working again. OK?All our catz luv 2 be touched too…all the time.Kat


  3. ooh, this is great piece. I imagine it's be wonderful to leave the stress and worry that comes with the “chase” so to focus on the better things that comes with just knowing that you'll always be together.


  4. Thanks, Sis.I really appreciate the kind, encouraging words.Yeah, you don't really know me… I don't know you… but I know we have a faith in common and that is a good enough relationship for being able to talk.You should know that even though there isn't much anyone can say… or do… that will REALLY help right now, just knowing I'm not alone is good, comforting.I liked the poem in this post. I understand the feelings. I donn't havve that in my life anymore, but I feel good knowing that such feelings are there, at least in someone's heart, if not mine.Feel free to drop by and say whatever you like.I like hearing the voices of others.–WillP.S.: It also was nice to hear someone say that I am worth something. I'm a little short on self esteem right now.


  5. Hi Sweet Kat!My favortie part…”I can touch you without fear of failure”A touch between two people can be so many things, good and bad, and to touch without fear or failure is indeed wonderful!


  6. I must thank you all yet again for your sincere and warm compliments. You are one of the reasons I must do what I do.This piece is of particular import as I have never written about my husband and our relationship before. I was just inspired.Kat


  7. Hello Kat, What a very pretty poem. I really love your wording and the meaning behind the poem you've written here. I'm sure your hubby read it and just loved it. Have a very pleasant day.


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