Birdbath Antics (for Lavinia)

Picture borrowed from Flickr

Three Grackles, Bathing

A short time ago,
From window I spied,
A trio of grackles,
The birdbath, bestride.

Faux-concrete cistern,
This wash-stand for birds,
Ring-full of rainfall,
It reliably girds,

Just after the storms,
Or when sun’s rays shine,
Often a battery of
Birds make beeline,

To splash in its depths,
Flutter their wings,
But grackles are wary,
And do some strange things.

Hopping from centre,
To edges and back,
Before they get dunked in
The deep, they clack, clack.

Cackling like chickens,
They test with their toes,
They’re kids at the seaside,
They’re circus sideshows.

Too soon, it’s all over–
This afternoon swim,
I rush for my camera…
They’ve flown off, on a whim.

Kathleen Mortensen©2008

(N.B. A photo of the afterbath will be posted as soon as it becomes available)


18 thoughts on “Birdbath Antics (for Lavinia)

  1. Abe, I'm still waiting for their return and I've got the camera ready!Deb – Oh, yes. That space. You know when they just stop and look around? I always think there's a ghost in the room.steviewren, they are not the favoured birds, certainly, but they are most entertaining.Linda – Jabberwocky! Yes. I can see that – perhaps a different poem is due.


  2. great work here kat and as mentioned observation what you see. i would love to get some pictures of any kind of bird. i carry my camera with me now and often times by the time i get it out, it's gone.


  3. This poem is absolutely delightful. What Beatrix Potter achieved with art I think you do with poetry. I really do. By poetic illustration you draw attention to what is endearing, comic and delightful in our furry and feathered friends. If you don't believe me, re-read one of your animal poems and then look a drawing by Miss Potter. See?


  4. Thank you so much! And so sorry it took me so long to come over here and read your beautiful poem…..I've just tonight settled in to catch up , somewhat….its good to land on your blog and see what all I've missed…..I love the image and your poetic description of the grackles at bath and play here. Do I have your permission to put a link to this post on my blog? Please say yes!Thank you so much again for this special tribute!!


  5. You are obviously an attentive observer of birds! Fun poem to read. We have many grackles around here….I don't have a birdbath, though. The shimmery aqua-blue of the grackles' heads is fascinating!


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