A remarkable girl…

In visiting one of my new favourite blogs, Theresa’s, Take a Sentimental Journey
I discovered a story-link in her sidebar that moved me.

I know that my readers are a concerned and thoughtful bunch and you will have no hesitation in visiting this link below to read about a wonderful girl just recently diagnosed with a form of cancer.

Despite this, what has been her first thought? Did she think how horrible things are for herself? No. Did she bewail her situation? No. She accepts it as a mission from God and her first act has been to cut off her own beautiful hair to donate for others who have lost their own. What a remarkable young lady!

Please visit the link below and take a moment to read about Caty, who has obviously been graced with amazing fortitude and a sense of purpose we can only hope one day to attain.

Thank you all.

Cheers for Caty


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