A good time was had by all!

Photographs from the top 1) Flowers by Laura Sharpe of Kitchener 2)Catering by Brainfood Catering
3) Mom (right front), Daddy (in chair), longtime friends Mary and Joe (also celebrating their 50th on the same day!) 4) Guests coming and going 5) Guests enjoying the party 6) Neil and Charlene with Bill.

Re: Union

The weather could not hold them back; some came from far, some near
Though the clouds were low, and black, they had to mark the year,
When Bill and Betty made their vows, way back in ’58
Now fifty years have come and gone–the marriage no lightweight.

Joe and Mary, were the first–as mothers new, they’d met
In St. Mike’s hospital when giving birth, with Irish husbands, yet!
Next, part of the famed couples, four, save dear Bill and grand old Jack;
Betty T and Muriel(nee)McSween–good John keeping all on track.

Glace Bay family did represent, with Kay and Eleanor and Jim
Rhonda came and Barbara too, Katherine and Bob Twynham,
And long-time friend, Ron Chambers, his wife, dear Mary, in his mind;
We felt her there in spirit, though she had to stay behind.

Lillian and Jack from Parry Sound completed all four pair
Bill and Lillian had a tête-à-tête, as he sat in his armchair.
Deacon Corre, and Shirley, his wife–well-known from St. Francis church–
Sure surprised us at the party, though parking made them search.

Shevlens came with great big smiles, bringing twinkle to Bill’s eye
Charlene and Neil both chatted with companions from days gone by.
May, the extraordinary lady who brings Sunday to the door
Came in with her umbrella for outside it did once more pour.

Last, not least the Parrys came, Roy and Maureen–more friends dear
With quick exchange of his and byes and hugs, all meant, sincere.
No Irish family on Bill’s side was there, to celebrate
Too far away, and most are gone–so few still communicate,

But Guy and Cathy, on Betty’s side gave flowers, for the table
The catered food was scrumptious—guests left satisfied and full.
Lovely gifts and cards bestowed, upon the couple in mind,
How wonderful to know such generous people of this kind.

Too soon the day came to a close, though all of us were tired,
Host and hostess tidied up as presents were admired.
The memories all are sure to last–such thoughtfulness was shared
So nice to see so many friends–no tears or laughs were spared.

Kathleen Mortensen©2008


12 thoughts on “A good time was had by all!

  1. Thanks, Willow. It's so tough when I'm restricted by things that have to go into a piece and the rhymes are almost impossible to reach. I've posted a different version – although the meter is definitely off, it feels less stilted somehow and for me it holds more meaning.Kat


  2. Hello Kat, What a very pretty poem. You have a lovely family too. These are great photos. It looks like everyone was having a wonderful time.Wishing you a nice Monday morning.Lydia


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