I’ll never say that!

Here’s a repeat of an old post from earlier this year. It was popular at the time and I just know that my current regular readers are going to get a kick out of reading this and coming up with their own. Enjoy!

Photo by S. Jackman on Flickr.

I don’t know if this sort of thing is out there on the blogs anywhere at all, but this morning while I was semi-conscious and lying in my bed, it occurred to me that I will never say the words, “My daughter” or “My son”. I don’t admit this to expose my regret or resentment over this fact; I have long since come to terms with not having any children, but it started me thinking about some other things I will never say. This list should reveal more about me than anything else I could tell you. Of course, since it is I who am dreaming this up, I’ve created a list more for its humourous value than for any poignancy…

So, this is my first homegrown Meme. I’m tagging whoever among you wants to do it.

Here in random order: 10 things you’ll never hear me say:

1. I’m going outside for a smoke.

2. Put another steak on the barbeque for me.

3. I got those WWF tickets!

4. I’ll load up the Hummer.

5. Crank up that Motorhead.

6. I can’t wait to watch “The View”.

7. Look at my new fur coat!

8. Let’s do some belly shots!

9. Just throw those boxes in the garbage.

10. We’re going bungee-jumping! Woo hoo!


17 thoughts on “I’ll never say that!

  1. Hi dear poetikat I was so busy lately that I haven't thanked you for the card yet and I haven't done my part yet. I am so sorry.I get on with it soon. Your list could have been mine except I love a views from the mountains if that counts. Hope all is well


  2. I think last time I commented on the belly shots so this time I'll comment on the bungee jumping. I've never been but I think we should go together…when you turn 50 and I turn 40! Whatya say? They can tie us together and we'll count to three!


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