Blue Monday?

(Me, My sister, Nancy and a “friend” in the 80s)

I happened upon Sally’s blog this morning because Eleanor, at the lovelyThatchwick Cottage mentioned that she (Sally) was having a “Blue Monday” (see photo in sidebar). Naturally, I could not resist. So, despite having told her I would write a sweet little poem about bluejays (there’s a trio in my backyard each day and I may get to that eventually– sorry for getting sidetracked), I was more inclined to go back in time and relive those wild days of my youth.

“Blue Monday” meant only one thing to me for the longest time. Take a look at this odd video from 1983. Now, just picture me dancing by myself on a pokey dance floor in some grotty backstreet club alongside a load of posers who spent most of their time looking at themselves in the mirrors that flanked the walls. Of course I NEVER did that!
Picture me in a black crinoline, black mesh tee-shirt, black ankle boots, studded belt, spikey RED hair, black eyeliner and loads of jewelry! Rings galore – always silver, NEVER gold adorned my fingers! Don’t forget the mismatched dangling ear-rings!

Yes! That was Poetikat, back in the day.

Now, picture my best friend, Debbie on her wedding day at The Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto, bopping around the dance floor to this song (by herself) in her full-length wedding gown! What fun we had! (Wish I had a picture of that!)

Here I go, whirling around my living room trying to avoid the cats. “Oops! Look out Gilbey! Blanche! Don’t get in my way. Red, mind your tail! Don’t worry, Daisy, I’m turning off the racket soon”…those were the days, huh?


If you enjoyed this (and I sure hope you did), be sure to check out my latest post at Generation X – Blasts from the past where you’ll catch an old K.C. and the Sunshine Band great from my teendom).


14 thoughts on “Blue Monday?

  1. Fun post! *laughing* I too went through an all black phase. Brought me to great times in the mid-80's and great music. MTV was responsible for so many of the”odd videos” back then; I loved them. And the songs bring me back to Edinburgh where I lived for some time.p.s. Of course. I'd be more than happy to add you to my blog list.Have a wonderful day! Petra


  2. Thanks, Sal! This was fun! Stop in when you can.Sweetie – Welcome I'm glad you enjoyed your time here. I love to dance too!Petra – I've not been to Edinburgh, but Glasgow! AND I had a highland “fling”.Thanks for adding me!Shaz – not so much, although I did like to dance to some of her songs – Vogue, Borderline…What was that video with Christopher Walken? (the one where she's in the trenchcoat).


  3. Wow! Those were the days!!!! I was a bit more subdued but you should have seen me do the Twist in a turqoise, beaded shantung dress with my then-time beau!I enjoyed your blue Monday! And I will post some white/creamy roses later just for your mom. Have not forgotten your dad. Love Eleanor


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