Don’t look to me.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t look to me.

  1. Absolutely. Then you have your own kids and the whole poem reverses on you. lol. Maybe you could write and expanded version and write in the grandparents


  2. Great post! The balancing act of when to let go and when to tighten the reins. Is there anyone that takes the perfect steps on the highwire of bringing up kids? We try our best and pray the Lord will protect them. My girl is all grown up and now we have Avery to learn about life.


  3. It's very interesting how you're all taking this one. I'm not a mom, but I am on the mother's side in this – her child owes her more than to abandon her, don't you think?Kat


  4. Hey Kat. Well, I guess, in the end, my kids really don't owe me anything. They didn't ask to be my kids. I do hope they do remember, if I'm old and need care, all I did and I hope I taught them some value of family. I hope they would want to care for me. I hope as well, I'll remember all the mistakes I made with them, when they make mistakes with me. It is a wheel that keeps on turning, generation after generation


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