Garbage Day Haiku

Photo by Kat

Along my snow-blown
street, trash-trucks slowly rumble
– elephants adrift.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009

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24 thoughts on “Garbage Day Haiku

  1. I LOVE TRASH DAY! There is something so nice about a big “elephant” hauling away our detritus. Makes me feel unburdened! LOVE your haiku, Kat! Almost had tea squirting out my nose as I read it. (Note to self: No hot beverages when visiting Kat's blog!)


  2. Well what a great analogy, elephants!Had to come back up and tell you what my word identification is today but I click on publish. it is “frogyman” …I just thought maybe you can use this as inspiration for a poem, ha!


  3. Peggy – your almost squirting your tea had me “guffawing” once more.Thanks, John. Amazing where inspiration comes from, isn't it?Beth – that is the best compliment ever!Thanks, Lavinia – you're probably right, elephants smell better – at least in the summer.Sandy, I have a froggy poem somewhere. Rachel Fox- I've got to get over to you. It's pure coincidence. I am normally crap at haiku and steer clear.Deb – I know! Weird eh?RachelW – sometimes you just get an image in your head – YOU know!Isabel – Excellent! Job done, then.Willow – as I wrote this, it was -29C, or -20F!!! (I like the elephants adrift too. It just all came together.)Kat


  4. They are a bit like elephants, aren't they. Big and slowly lumbering down the street. Neat piece. Never thought of trash collection in that light 😉


  5. Hurray for haiku trash day. What a wonderfully creative pick up on the prompt! I think we all should paste a haiku on our trash bins next week and see if things go really quiet for a moment.


  6. Thank you, Stevie!PV – I like that word too – lumbering – very apt.NanaTrish – yes, Siberian, for sure!Squirrelmama – nutty things! Ha ha.Beth P – You're right! They do sound like they're mating.Quiet Paths – Good idea! Paste the haiku on the bins! (By the way, I know nothing of a “prompt”. Did I miss something on your blog?)Kat


  7. Sorry about the double post, Kat. No, I don't think you missed anything. I thought you were following the OSI prompt for some reason! My mistake. The prompt was “Slowly” and your haiku: trash trucks slowly rumble….It would have fit great.


  8. Christine – Oh no! I'm sorry (*cue the cartoon chipmunks). I don't follow OSI – although it's a brilliant idea (literally). What a coincidence that “slowly” was the word of that day.Kat


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