Bedtime story


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Companion Animals

If I go before you
Make sure you do
What you said
And get yourself
That big ‘ol Great Dane
or Wolfhound
Rescued, from the pound
To take my place
In our bed.

If I’m dead,
I’ll only be at peace
Given my release
From the spirit-world
If I’m cognizant
Of the fact
You’ve upheld
To the pact

If you go
Before I
I’ll cry, but try
To fill the void
With cats and curs
As mem’ry of you
Blurs, but
Never disappears

It won’t be you–
Your scent,
Your sound,
Your slide
Beneath the sheet,
Your hot legs
And cold feet,
The animals
I’ll keep
Will help me

Kathleen Mortensen©2009

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20 thoughts on “Bedtime story

  1. Oh, this poem is so beautiful and sweet! It makes me a little sad, because I'm thinking of my husband. We say things like this to each other at times. I love how your poems always hit a personal note in my life. I love it all, of course. But these lines jumped out:”Your scent,Your sound,Your slideBeneath the sheet,Your hot legsAnd cold feet”Perfect sound and images. I love “your slide beneath the sheet.” There is a sound of a lover sliding beneath a sheet that is so familiar and all its own. You capture that moment so well. Great big applause for this one, too!


  2. I had a hard time getting used to sleepy alone after my divorce. I'm not much of a pet person, so instead of a dog I line the pillows up to lean on. They help the bed stay warmer on my side too. Your poem is sweet…and a little bittersweet as well.


  3. Carol – I haven't heard that song, but I'll check it out.Karen – I know. Awww! is right (I'm thinking mainly of the picture). Thanks.Willow – I'm not going anywhere yet (that I know of). Isn't it a great photo?Ann – Sometimes there's not much difference!Julie – We must have more in common that we know.Petra – Thanks, and I did the Fiddle-dee-dee poll – went for a contemporary cast, just for fun.See Rachel! Too weird how much we're thinking along the same stream of consciousness. (Not totally of course, but there are threads, aren't there?)John, you and Eberle should have a dog or even a couple of cats – you've got lots of space, haven't you?Stevie – Pillows work to keep you cozy, but they could never duplicate the noises coming from the opposite side. As much as I complain, I'm sure I'd miss them.Thanks Peggy, Do you have some animal friends at home?Muse – you must know about dogs on the bed, don't you? Yes. A pact (sure beats a prenup!)KatKat


  4. We do have a couple of cats, but they've always lived outside (tho they sleep in one of the outbuildings at night). Eberle's extremely allergic to cats & somewhat to dogs as well, so sadly, we just can't have indoor critters of that sort.


  5. There are allegedly, some dogs with hypo-allergenic hair as well as cats with no fur, (but really, who would want that?). That's too bad; they bring such a dimension to our lives.Technically, I'm allergic to cats, but as I've had them all my life, it seems the allergens have grown less effective against my system.Kat


  6. Beautiful! I have a whippet. Sight hounds are so poetic just lying there…which is what they do most of the time :)BTW I saw your name in Andrea's blog and was compelled to click.


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