Oh, you’re all gonna love this!


One of my new friends, Ribbon at Fragments, Treasures, Memories posted a cool link to a site that I literally raced over to (I really want to say: “to which I raced over”, but I think that would be pompous), and I am not disappointed. It’s called The Hero Factory and you can select from a variety of options to create your very own superhero. I am delighted with the results and considering I did not give an iota of personal information, I’m amazed at my title and the background. Being both a cat-lover and an Anglophile (is that Big Ben? Perhaps not), I think this superhero creation suits me to a tee! What do you think?

Head over there, create your own and post it. Then pop back here and let me know when it’s up and I’ll link to you and build a list of Superheroes. Then we can meet on a dark night on a street corner somewhere in the world and set out to solve the crimes and errors of this planet. See you there!

Kat o’ Nine Tails!

Our band of Superheroes so far:

Poetikat: Kat o’ Nine Tails

Ribbon: General Fluttering Pirate

Jeannelle: Professor Splintery Splinter

Michael: Admiral Shiny Accountant

Hope: The Talented Targeted Bullseye

Anonymous: The Intimidating Lasered Jones (When there’s trouble, he’ll find you!)

St. Nick: The Strange Rocky Statue

Sandy: Captain Thoughtful Philanthropist

troutay: The Talented Kind Philanthropist

Carol: The Mysterious Targeted Bow


24 thoughts on “Oh, you’re all gonna love this!

  1. Jen – It does look like me, doesn't it? I think my husband would like this look – he's all about the sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Well, mainly Star Trek and Star Wars. I always say it's “Star-something”.Did you post the professor?Kat


  2. Jeanelle – I'm glad everyone visualizes me as a slender feline-figure. How flattering!Love your Professor by the way!Lyn – Jeanelle had a bit of trouble too – deselect your toolbars temporarily to see the “finish” button to create the picture for download.Museswings – Thank you very much!Deb – You got that right! My husband better be on his toes too.Kat


  3. Wooohoooo Can't wait to try it!Kat Let me know if there's an image that you want me to work from to create a custom jpg for you. Otherwise I was just going to design my own. I'll do it sans Blicky I think. If there's a special image though that you'd like to incorporate just email it over.


  4. Karen, Let me know who your Superhero is and I'll add you to the list. (I'm on FB if you want to “friend” me.)Nick – I'd love to add you to our merry band of munificent crimefighters!Hey, Hope! Glad to lighten your day a bit. You're on the team!Michael – Your “Shiny Accountant”, Doug, is hilarious (and ahem imposing). Love him!Winifred – I hope you'll be back with your SH.Anonymous – Hi! Thanks for stopping in. I've added you to the team. If you've got a blog you'd like me to link to, let me know.Please visit me again sometime.Kat


  5. Kat you are a smarty bum!I love what you've done here and you as a Super Hero are one cool chick.I look forward to the late night crusades.Don't know how I missed this today…….. got caught up in reading poetry I guess.Best wishes & thanks for being fun.Ribbon 🙂


  6. Yahoo! I've done it….I made my very own “General Fluttering Pirate.” As much as the sexy creature WT created for me was appreciated I still had an underlying obsession to fulfill.I'm feeling satisfied now :-)Best wishes Ribbonps I've learned a new trick too….. How to make signs — which I'll post sometime in the future. It's fun!


  7. Nick, I've added you in. You are a formidable character!Ribbon – Please get caught up in as much poetry as possible!I'm sooo pleased you managed to get your Superhero created and downloaded. Feels good now, eh?I look forward to seeing your signs (I think I did see one about Superhero creation, didn't I)?ibeati – I ALWAYS need fast groceries!Kat


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