Dedicated to all who wait for Spring


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Winter’s Wake

Ice spikes drip, at torture pace,

Pine-clumps plunge from upper place,

Minefield yard of scrap and scree;

More flurries on the way, I see.

Mounds of snow, rock-hard with ice,

Will not be moved, for trying– twice,

Porch is heaped with husks of seed;

Here nature’s hungry come to feed.

Rusty vines of leaves entangle,

Redbud’s rangy fingers dangle,

Limp limbs droop where once they bore,

Flakes, water-logged that lag no more.

Frozen fringes silent creep,

Behind the bushes March hares sleep,

The corvine crew morosely caws,

As winter hedges, hems and haws.

Kathleen Mortensen©2008

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19 thoughts on “Dedicated to all who wait for Spring

  1. Thank you Pamela. We have a break right now, but I fear we haven't seen the last of the storms of snow.John, That means so much to me, coming from such an accomplished poet/writer/musician (I really believe in the rhythms of poems as music) as yourself.By the way, I notice that I forgot to change the code with the date. I wrote this piece in March of 2008.Kat


  2. Lovely poem. I think spring is on its way here, the crocuses are out in full bloom and the daffodils are almost out. Mind you we'll still have some nippy weather before April I'm sure. Still the sun makes you feel better even if it's a bit chilly.


  3. I must have pressed the wrong button and lost my comment from earlier in the day, Poetikat!I really love this poem, especially the last lines; 'The corvine crew morosely caws. As winter hedges, hems and haws.'


  4. The language in this is just lovely, Kat. I have to read it orally to let the words play in my mouth. Beautiful rhythm. This may be my favorite so far. You should submit this for publication.


  5. Winifred – You'll probably have rain while we have snow. No?Raph – I often have those comment issues. Thanks for trying again.They are two of my favourite lines too.Karen – Thank you. I like the sound of it too. It all just came together one day.Do you publish yours?Kat


  6. Woops! Sorry, Kat! You got lost in there.We must have very similar weather, Kat. Funny thing; I wrote this last year and yet this year, it's exactly the same scene.Kat


  7. I've never published anything. As a matter of fact, I have just started writing. My blog is called “Keeping Secrets” because no one even knows I'm doing this! I am considering entering a couple of things in a WV Writer's contest this spring. I'll have to hide from my family if they're published (they'll never believe they aren't autobiographical).Have you published anything?


  8. That was very beautiful….. a wonderful description.Not a true experience that has ever been mine. I've never lived with snow.Best wishes RibbonPS Kat on another note…….. I think that the only Super Hero for me is the one that WT created for me as I'm unable to create one for myself 😦 & I really have to let it go :-)I did spend a little too long trying.Yep there's a part of me that's still obsessed! x Ribbon


  9. Karen – I've published a few things in magazines, newspapers and even had a poem published in a book for a private organization, but I haven't gone so far as to send stuff out to Poetry Associations or Literary Magazines. I'm hesitant about that because a) my stuff can't really be pinned down to a genre and b)I write mainly in rhyme.I hope to self-publish a collection this year.Your work is so good – you really need to get it out there!Ribbon – Thanks. Oh and I'm sorry you didn't have success with getting your Superhero downloaded. I'd still be trying – I'm more obsessive than you. Ha ha.Kat


  10. I'm awaiting spring! When you don't need so many layers to go out, but really more for that day.You know that day. That first day when the breeze has a warm sweet smell as it gently teases your hair. When people emerge from their houses. From their slumber.People are so nice, happy and friendly that day.Always gives me hope for humanity!


  11. Flurries on the way?I only wish!In our part of the world, Kat, the thoughts of spring exist only in your wonderful poem. The northeast got SLAMMED, so this poem was a breath of spring air!


  12. Gosh, PV, you really need to let out your inner poet; you are so good at expressing things. Your words are so true and evocative.Squirrelmama – I know you were Slammed – I feel for you, I do. It's been good here, but how long can that last? I say, how long can that last? (Channeling Foghorn Leghorn for some inexplicable reason.)Isabel – Thank you. That means so much to me.Kat


  13. Hi Kat: I meant to put my 2 cents worth in on the publishing question last night but didn't get to it. I have to say I'm all for self-publishing when it comes to books– we're fortunate to live in a time when this is relatively easy & inexpensive (& fwiw, somewhat less “stigmatized” than in the past). I didn't know you were planning that– I'm going ahead with my plans for same later this month. Will keep you posted.


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