Behind the Eight Ball (just a bit).

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Hi friends:

I just wanted to tell you I haven’t been able to keep up with comments until this evening. I was out with Mom all day. I am preparing for a lovely night away at an inn in Stratford here in Ontario so I may not have much time in the next few days for visiting and commenting on all your wonderful blogs.
I will be posting my continuing series of Irish Articles – they are all primed and ready to go. Tomorrow the whiskey cake recipe is coming your way, so stay tuned!

Luv ya all!



11 thoughts on “Behind the Eight Ball (just a bit).

  1. RachelW – I can't imagine you're an imposter at all. I suppose you can call yourself someone who lives by osmosis.Thanks, Brenda and Lavinia!Shazza – Oh yes – I've got the soda bread too. Give them to your dad; let's see what he says! (Show him the jokes.)Sandy; it's up now, for the taking.Stevie- I'll be keepin' an eye on yez.Sharon – No worries! I hadn't visited yours in ages and realized recently just how much great stuff I was missing.Kat


  2. Oh, your outing to the inn sounds wonderful! Surely you will take pictures. Hope you enjoyed your day with your mom, too.Funny thing, I just put an 8-ball widget on my blog this morning!


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