The Aftermath

Following dinner, we headed next door to Bentley’s pub. Here, we repeated our earlier quaffing of a shot of Jameson’s, chased by a pint of Guinness. Here’s the thing, we are NOT big drinkers. Problem is, when two people who don’t get out much, have a couple of shots and a pint before dinner and then a couple of glasses of red wine with it and then return to the first location where the ambience is all-Irish and the nostalgia is rising and talk of absent family and the pursuit of creative endeavours is being bandied about, it’s very easy to order another round and get quite giddy with it.

Here’s the evidence:

stratford2 029 stratford2 026

Dead soldiers and dart-flytes/ Scores…Kat wins!

stratford2 027 stratford2 022

Our waitress (Susan Sarandon?)/ Another Ladies’ Room

stratford2 030


Here are some shots of the luxurious space where we got to sleep it off. This is perhaps the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. It was immense! I felt like Queen Elizabeth I sunken into its massive mattress, under the top-quality duvet, my head cradled by the softest, squishiest pillow imaginable.

stratford 006 stratford 012

Under the canopy/ Luxury suite (that’s a jacuzzi tub behind the low wall).

Here’s me, putting last night’s post online (painstakingly to avoid spelling errors – not an easy task after indulging).

stratford3 002

Lots of water, an apple, some Tylenol and more water got me through the night, but by morning, my head felt like it was in a vice! No whiskey cake will be made in this house for St. Patrick’s Day this year!

stratford3 014

The haul: $24 for $280 worth of books! Excellent! We also listened to a fantastic cd from the en suite collection, by Harry Manx on Dog my Cat records. Manx is a Canadian-based blues-singer who explores Indian ragas in his music. We fell in love with it immediately and when we got home today, Kevin went right out and found a copy in a store downtown. I urge you to have a listen on the website.

We enjoyed ourselves so much and the room was fantastic so we’ve booked the same one again in the Mercer Hall Inn for our 15th wedding anniversary and my 48th birthday, in June. We also headed over to the Festival Theatre (Stratford, Ontario is famous for its productions of Shakespeare’s works) and we booked some tickets to see an evening performance of Julius Caesar. It’s going to be splendid! (Coincidentally, tomorrow is the Ides of March.)

stratford3 012 stratford3 007

The Tin Man? No, the Bard./ Festival Theatre, Stratford, Ontario.


11 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Just finished listening to Max– & checking out info on his instruments. I like his sound, & that Mohan veena is quite an instrument (a few too many strings for me, but it sounds great). I'm kinda obsessed with the Ellis stomp boxes tho…. danger: I already know the website– hey, my favorite uke is from New Zealand….


  2. Like you, I don't imbibe much, but a similar scenario visiting friends for a birthdaylast year, and the room was spinning. Champagne did it for me. Never again!Ides of March — another trip, the Italy trip (same one as Ireland vs. Italy World Cup), my sis and I stood on the steps of the capitol and in front of Julius Caesar's grave. There were candles burning there and flowers strewn about… for an old English major/teacher, the day couldn't have been more perfect.


  3. You brave girl…after partying and drinking…I doubt I would have made it to post the next morning without spelling errors. Sounds like Kat had a lot of fun!!! 😉


  4. John – As a rule, I don't drink more than a small glass of white wine with dinner – on occasion. It seems to spiral out of control in an Irish atmosphere. Ah well! My dad was there in spirit too.The Manx cd we bought is a bit older and we like the sound better. It's called “Dog My Cat” and apparently is a remastered version of the one we listened to at the inn.Karen – You have some great tales to tell and should be writing about them. (Champagne always results in spinning rooms in my experience.)That Ides of March experience must have been shiver-inducing.Deb – I'm so far behind because of the schweinehund, it's not funny!Carol – Oh yes, the room was breath-taking; that's why we've booked it again.Linda – without question the bed was the best part.Isabel – it wasn't the next morning! I posted the same night, after all the partying. It wasn't too late, but it felt like 4:00 a.m.Kat


  5. This looks like SO much fun!! Darts are fun to play when drinking…ha! I love the poem. It made my day. I'm so glad you had a chance to post in the middle of it all.


  6. Julie – The early post was a piece of cake, but the late one, after all the Jameson's and the Guinness, was a brute. That focused look you see on my face was determination not to spell anything incorrectly or write anything stupid.Kat


  7. … and what fun was had here! I really enjoyed the virtual night on the town. I drink very seldom and very little but this sounded like a fine time except for the headache. That bed IS colossal.


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