I Ever Sang For My Father

katstp  tobeirish

                                                                                                      A vintage 1950s card from my father to my mom.

My father loved to sing.  He had a mellow tenor voice that was always being used to sing his favourite tunes – popular music, classics, and particularly good Irish songs.  He taught me to love singing, to share my voice unreservedly and to enjoy a good Irish ditty.  He also taught me to venerate my God with my voice – singing out in church, both in a choir and from my spot in the pew.  If I wasn’t singing out, he’d nudge me with his elbow and give me the all-too familiar questioning look.  I immediately bucked up and let loose with the vocal chords.

When I tried out for the school musical, “The Music Man”, I followed his example, and took a shot of whiskey to oil my pipes.  I have done the same today, in his honour, but also to get the great green frog out of my throat. I think it worked, but not as well as I should have liked.

Here are a few of my father’s favourite Irish songs, for HIS and your listening enjoyment.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all!

Kathleen (for today)

(This podcast has given me some grief, so as well as the Irish songs I intended, my old podcasts with a load of my poems, being read by me, are also included. If you feel like listening to those, have a look!)
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13 thoughts on “I Ever Sang For My Father

  1. Loved it!Hmm, so strange, Kat. I sent a reply to your reply about the St. Patrick's e-card and it was sent back to me, undeliverable. I then sent a new e-mail to you, and it was again returned,undeliverable. Don't understand how the card got through, and anything coming from me, is being sent back.


  2. P.S. I had to use tarragon as i had no carraway seed! would it have been much different? what is becel oil for the cake? it will have to wait until tomorrow, but I celebrate all month long. You're a dear. Really, the music was a gift.


  3. Pat, that was fun hearing you sings all of those old favorites. Your memories of your dad are wonderful. While I listened I read through the other St Patrick's entries I had missed. I hope your day was green and wonderful!


  4. Hiya Kat!!!Happy St. Paddy's Day!!! I continue to enjoy your posts and blog…and the PODCASTS….always something intriguing to read…keep em coming. I noticed the ICON re: the Australian Fire….a friend of mine recently sent me the photos of the fire as it was actually happening …so heartwrenching….Will try to see what I can do to help in some way…Luv@cha!!


  5. What a wonderful thing to hear you sing for your father. He is smiling, my dear.And as for that outfit, love the tie, and I HAD a skirt just LIKE THAT…and I'm not Irish 😉


  6. Quackster – Always nice to hear from you! Glad you liked the podcast.You sing at mass too? Somehow everyone always sounds good when an organ is played.Jenx67 – I believe he was, Jen!Hmm…tarragon would give it a French taste. Becel is just a very light canola/sunflower oil. I didn't know if you can get Becel in the U.S.Raph – You're too kind! I'm not sure the singing was up to snuff, really.Karen – Oh yes, he made me sing out, but that was when my voice was actually good. I listened to the podcast and yikes!Thanks, Stevie – So glad you took the time to read the others you had missed. I appreciate that.Isabel – You had the same skirt? What a pair we'd have made!Kat


  7. Oops! Anartistatheart – I almost missed ya!Thanks for your kind words.You're not only an Artist at heart, you're an Altruist at heart too! Thanks for paying attention to the widgets.Kat


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