Spring Cleaning

You may have noticed that I’m “cleaning up my act” on this blog. I’ve spent the better part of the day reorganizing my links into categories and removing excess “noise” from the page. I’d love your input on the new look.
Also, if you don’t see yourself in the lists, be assured that you will be there soon – I’m still working on everything.
I’m hopeful that new visitors will be inclined to investigate my terrific blog-peers and patrons. That’s my goal.



24 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Kat – I like the clean look of the blog. It's really easier on the eyes. The lighter background makes it easier to read the print and to see the pictures and links. You've begun your spring cleaning right here!


  2. I love the look. I've always been impressed with your layout and pictures. Very appealing to the eye. I'm still discovering really cool links you have that I didn't notice before. Of course, I would love it regardless of how it looks, because it has your awesome work on it:) Have a great weekend, Kat. I finally have all the ingredients to make your Irish cake and can't wait to try it.


  3. Great. Synchronicity. I started to do the exact same thing yesterday and gave up reorganising my links as the process seemed long-winded and irritating (perhaps it was just the way I was doing it). You have inspired me to have another go!


  4. I like the new look at lot! Sometimes it feels like the more there is of something, the less I see! And I like the background. I go to a couple of blogs where I have to highlight with the mouse to be able to read it, the contrast is so low. Nice work, Kat!


  5. Karen – Glad you like the new look – it's easier on MY eyes too!RachelW- Bonus! Yours is looking great as well.Julie – You're too kind. NO really! You are.Let me know how the cake works out.Thanks, Peg! I appreciate your comments.Winifred – Glad you like it.Carol – Oh Gosh! Outside is an absolute disaster!Gramma Ann – I'm starting with the easy job and working up to windows and floors!Dominic – It's definitely worth the trouble. Oh and thanks for pointing that out about BBB. I originally had her in misc. because my links list was the “blog list” with thumbnails and for some reason hers didn't load there. I hadn't got round to cleaning up the “misc.” category. Good catch!(I'm adding you in too, by the way.)John – Thank you! I felt bogged down with little pictures and junk. Always very cathartic to clean house!Deb – I hope you and others will find more things to enjoy and less “periphery” to distract.Kat


  6. I adore your spare, clean new look, Kat! While you were working on your blog, I was cleaning out my laundry room. There is something about springtime that brings out the this-has-got-to-go in me!! 🙂


  7. Petra- Exactly! I love that! “Spring is on the fingertips.”Brenda – Thank you. I'm pleased it turned out well.Peggy – I get that “This has got to go feeling” periodically. It's a seasonal thing for me. I'm not a hoarder.Kat


  8. To be honest, Kat, I don't see that much of a difference! It looks great but then I think your blog has always looked great, kinda like a crowded bookshelf that looks so much more cozy and inviting than a sparse shelf, or the way a vase containing a jumble of flowers is something I prefer to a vase containing a single bud.


  9. I noticed that your changes made your blog load a lot faster on my computer, and I like the lighter background. Makes your words stand out more. But your blog was great from the start, any way.


  10. Steviewren said: “Love the cleaned up look of your blogspot. It is so very easy on the eyes.”Thanks, Stevie – That seems to be what everyone thinks, so I probably should have done it sooner.Kat


  11. I definitely like your new version and I like the way you displayed your awards. You got lots of good links I'm going to have to follow some day…as if I have time, ha!


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