Therapy walk in the city


Ugly Haiku

Cig-ends encircle
Fresh-lain turds in new green grass
Smokin’ disposal.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

Photo courtesy of Flickr


15 thoughts on “Therapy walk in the city

  1. p.s. Just read your fun comment on Jack and Jill. Thank you! I never saw The Four Feathers and just now placed in my Netflix queue. The 1939 version is also available. I'd like to compare the two. Thanks for the suggestion.During Earth Hour, put the finishing touches on “Flaming Spade” by candlelight. Perhaps it explains the ending! 😉


  2. The downside of walking your dog, to be sure.Kat, I am absolutely bowled over and in love with your amazingly different and creative banner. This is a work of art!


  3. It is an ugly time of year as far as the streets are concerned. The snow has melted and left all kinds of litter.COOL new header, Kat! Just perfect for you!!! Love it!


  4. I recently told TFE I liked a line in one of his poems about “bare-knuckle haiku”. This IS a bare-knuckle haiku! I think people probably come to the form with expectations – it's good to undermine them from time to time.


  5. That Bare knuckle Haiku certainly packs a punch – nice one, and this from the founder member of P.A.H!(poets against haiku)Fandabbydozy new header too-grooooovy!Now where's this singing you told me about?


  6. That is one of my nose-wrinkling memories of my brief time living in Toronto – spring thaw and the smell of a winter's worth of doggie deposits everywhere. Gag! I hope with the stoop-and-scoop awareness things have improved!


  7. love the header as well.the dog is just too doggone cuteand i love the superhero you. i created one on my other blog here


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