Kat on Idol: Lowdown on the Downloads


Am I the only one who’s not feeling it this time around? I have yet to pin my hopes on anyone in particular in the American Idol race. What seems to be the problem here? Is it lack of talent? Not really – everybody’s “doing their thang” and “working it out”, but something’s just lacking for me. What can it be? Could it be the music choices? Perhaps, but it’s more than that. Is it the weekly themes? Maybe, but it’s still something else. I can’t put my finger on it. Can you guys?

Here’s what we saw this time around: Amidst the familiar Idol theme music and the swirling lightshow, the judges, looking like Ken, two Barbies and a misfit Teddy Ruxpin made their entrance and waved to the cacophonous crowd, followed thereafter by the Big Nine. And so began another “Show and Fell” on AI.

This week, the idols got to choose music from the Itunes most downloaded music list. Whoop-de-doo. Kasey Kasem got a shout out for his America’s Top Twenty Countdown. Remember him? Last I saw him he was helping out contestants on the Pyramid with Dick Clark. Like Dick, he’s still in the biz – playing tunes on the radio for those old souls who seek him out with the dial on their car-radio.

First up, we’ve got Anoop Desai. He’s chosen an Usher song. I didn’t catch the title. I don’t know much about Usher, but the song’s kind of catchy, but as Simon would say, “forgettable”. Personally, I’m thinking Anoop would do himself a great service if he jumped on the “Slumdog Millionaire” gravy train and Bollied up his performances with some undulating vocals and shimmies in his steps. He could learn a thing or two from Megan Joy on that score. Apparently, the judges might be thinking the same since they kept talking about him getting back some “swagger”.

Speaking of Megan. Apart from that distinctly distracting “tat” running down the length of her right arm and the nod to Bob Marley with the one pseudo-dread, what was she thinking? The girl has a pretty face, there’ s no doubt about that and her teeth would make any dentist do a double take, but who’s picking out her wardrobe? First she’s got more jewelry than all the Beastie Boys combined and then there’s the skin-tight, strapless boob-tube top. Never mind the red mini-jumper thing that looks like it was left over from her maternity days (come Results Night). What?! I’m with Kara D, she was definitely in trouble from the get-go. When Paula’s stammering her critique, watch out!

So Gokey (or as I like to call him Robert Downey Jr. meets Elton John) pulls out the country heart-strings of Rascal Flatts and punches up “What Hurts The Most”. You know when Paula starts nodding her head like one of those dogs in the rear window of a car that you’re “in the pocket”. Kara’s got goose bumps; on to next week he goes.

Next we have little ingénue, Alison Iraheta. I can’t quite nail this chick. She’s got tons of spunk and serious “pipes”, but again, wardrobe is seriously letting her down. Decked out in a pinky, punky, vertical white-striped number with black leggings and WHITE shoes(!) I was a bit waylaid, but truth to tell, she really pulled it out – soft start to powerhouse finish. I got some “mad love” for her too, Randy. Simon thought she looked like something out of “The Addams Family.” Coming from a Lurch-alike, that’s rich!

Here comes Mr.. MacIntyre. Now, don’t get me wrong. I worked with a blind boy for a year once and I have the utmost respect for “challenges” (mind you, my blind boy loved the Pogues and wore HIS leather jacket from day one). We’ve got sweet Scotty all decked out in black buck with a brand new rockabilly hairdo and what’s he singing? “Just The Way You Are”. Isn’t that a bit ironic? I can see Scott’s new album right there in the Easy Listening section by next Christmas. Any takers? Grandma? Okay. I’ll see what I can do.

Matt Giraud comes up with a new twist: he’s a pit player – thrust in the middle of a swarm of swooning teens and tweens, he belts out The Fray’s “You Found Me” and Paula accuses him of “aborting his riffs and falsettos” for his efforts. Kara wants him to commit to a genre. On second viewing, I’m thinking of committing to Matt. He’s got a pleasant demeanour, he can belt it out when he wants to, he’s polite, he’s hip. I’m almost on his bandwagon.

Lil, Lil, Lil. She’s looking so glam tonight with the sleek hair, the ‘4os style dress – kind of Billie Holiday meets Mary J. Uh oh. She’s singing Celine. Bad move, cuz everybody knows by now if you do Dion one of two things can happen: you either get accused of copycatting and you’re not up to snuff, or it’s too safe and classic and not fresh enough. Bingo! Randy wants more swagger and tells Lil to “young it up”. Someone could write a dictionary based solely on the lingo that emanates from the mouths of the Gang of Four here.

Randy ends up with a bedtime hug from one of Lil’s toddlers and after the break, Ryan Seacrest can’t resist getting one from big R too. How sweet!

Now comes the showstopper. This guy is out to win. See how he “swaggers” on cue. He “youngs it up” every week; he riffs and rolls high and low, he’s in every pocket like a black billiard ball. He is cool, he’s risky business. What’s on tap this week from Adam Lambert? Wild Cherry’s 1976 hit: Play That Funky Music

Here’s the thing, Dawg; this ain’t no ordinary disco dancin’ tune, AL (looking like Kurt Russell doing the biopic of Elvis) is channeling Axel Rose! What’s really amazing is that it works! My only issue with this performance – well, there are two really – is Lambert’s pants. The seat is just too saggy and why put your wallet in the back pocket when you’re on stage anyway?

My prediction: Adam Lambert is going to the Final (unless he mucks it up with something SO out there that the audience just bails). I remember the turning point for me with David Cook last year was when he did Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, but twisted up Chris Cornell’s version. That ROCKED! I had not liked Cook up until that point, but that one performance completely turned me into a fan.

Trouble is, when you go out on a limb sometimes, it can really crack like a cartoon tree and send you pitching into Idol oblivion. Look out Adam Lambert! That’s all I’m sayin’. Hey, Buddy! Nice touch, giving kudos to the band. Brownie points for sure with that move.

Speaking of David Cook. Did anyone else think he looked a little bored with it all? I don’t know. This Idol phenomenon must be a serious grind, don’t you think?

Oh, and Lady Gaga. Yes. Nice zipper on the eye there. I’m guessing the choreography was Wade Robson from “So You Think You Can Dance”. Either that, or Paula’s been swiping ideas from him. Question: Which came first, Lady Gaga or that white-haired character in Monsters vs. Aliens? Cool piano though – I’d lose the starfish.

Last, but definitely not least, it’s the married guy (Simon warned you about letting THAT cat out of the bag too early) Kris Allen. I’ve always been partial to Canadian singer Corey (I Wear My Sunglasses At Night) Hart. That’s who I’m hearing whenever Kris sings. And that’s not a bad thing – to me anyway. Taking the Bill Withers hit, “Ain’t No Sunshine” and putting his own spin on it as well as playing a funky keyboard, well…he might just have displaced Matt Giraud for me. Kris was looking for a “signature moment” and he found it. Everybody loved it.

Day Two: Results

There was no “joy” in Idol-land for Megan. After a crack about not caring about Simon’s criticisms “I love you, Simon, but I don’t care” (is that not suicide right there?) the judges declined to save her from the axe. Girl are you crazy? Wait a minute, I can see from your squawking eagle/swan reaction to being sent to the Bottom Three stool that you are certifiable. By the way, what was up with those Elaine Benice office-party moves?

Scott MacIntyre got a big chocolate cake (had to mention that cuz it was the best part of the show for me). The contestants had a mimic-off – impersonating each other, falling about in fits of laughter and giving the general impression they really like each other. Megan could be heard to be saying “Call me” as each one was eliminated from the “hot seat”.

Oh, and there was a grand performance of Randy’s ex-band’s biggest hit, “Don’t Stop Believing” where Scott really looked pretty good and Megan was a fish out of water in fire-engine red jumper.

Anoop missed the chop by a hair’s breadth and Alison is going to rethink her wardrobe, but not her hair for next week. ( I think she should go black.)

That’s all from me. Tune in next week as competition gets more intense, Paula decides whether to go straight or curly and Simon buys yet another black cashmere v-neck to enhance his huge head.



23 thoughts on “Kat on Idol: Lowdown on the Downloads

  1. I have to let you in on something -I have never watched a single ep of AI, so I'm kind of a dud on getting into this. But if you ever want to post about the intricacies of the time travel sub-plot on LOST, I'm your girl!


  2. Oh…I have to go check out Deborah's blog. I am a Lost fan. I liked how you gave this run down on the Idol. My memory is not good enough to recall all of that. I have only watched maybe 4 shows this year. Don't care for the judges anymore. I am also growing very tired of the “vote off” shows. All of them. I wish we could get some old variety shows on like Ed Sullivan and …drawing a blank, but I think there were others. I don't remember the talent they had on those shows, being voted off or made to feel “bad” about their selves by judges.I don't like it when the performers cry after they get critiqued.


  3. I can't believe you caught the Kurt Russell/Elvis connection..well, why not..I gotta say it's Adam for me right from the gitgo. He's just gifted, different than having a good voice..made for the stage(think he's done that for a while)..last time there was such a crazy voice..how about Freddie Mercury? Love Lil, Alison is an old soul who can sing, love her too..Danny has heart, soul..great personality! But… Great post!!!


  4. Can't resist another comment:Adam, Adam, he's my pick! More of him and less of…Wait a minute…er…Elvis, Elvis, he's my pick! More of him and less of Rick. Wait a minute! Rick Nelson? Ricky Nelson? Swooning in place. Face it. I'm old.


  5. Karen – You and Deb Godin should get together. Actually, you should read her book, “Papa Do Run”. Actually, you should check out her blog, “Papa Do Run” too.Kat


  6. Hi Kat. I did check out the search words you left for me and you were right – I was amused. Well, not by the San Andreas fault, but certainly by Orson swells and your beautiful grackles. You must have a great view from your window. I have a flock of mourning doves and a passle of my own Orsons, who eat me out of house and home. I wonder what a thundering herd of ravenous squirrels is actually called. Thanks for the leads. Someone should write a poem based on the strange 'words' that come up on the word verification for leaving comments. Mine just now, for instance is 'imphear.' What would that mean, do you suppose, if it had to mean something?


  7. This wasn't so much of a rant as much as it was a very well thought out opinion of AI.I personally feel the show has run its course because the best part of it are the freaks that start the season.As far as talent goes, I'm with you.There's nothing that sets these kids apart. They sing really well but that's about it.They will never 'pay their dues' as most stars in the business have.I'm partial to Simon Cowell simply because he calls it as he sees it and IMHO, is usually right.And Slumdog Millionaire Gravy Train? God, I love it.Laughed my ass off when I read it.Bottom line: someone 'forgettable' will be picked, make a gazillion dollars and no one will know who the hell they were in 20 years. So much for longevity.I could go on but this is your blog, Kat.Great post. Simon would love it.Paula, not so much :0)~m


  8. Excellent rundown. I am just so tired of Paula giving the same blah,blah,blah every time.comfortable in your skin, you are finding your own, you made that song your own, etc.,etc. I just get tired of all the fake drama with Ryan. I just think it has run its course. Too predictable for me. Used to love it. I'm older than you also.


  9. I”m sorry but I never did like the one who got voted off this week, I kinda thought she ruined about every song she sang. And that attitude of hers turned me off from day one. So, I didn't shed a tear when she went. And that stupid face she made when Ryan was preparing to announce which one got voted off, WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? I loved Scott's performance of Billy Joel's song. At least I knew that one. I like Scott and hope he stays a few more weeks. But all in all, Adam won hands down, I loved the little Elvis look, but the make-up, earrings, and nail polish, at my age is a bit much. But then again, he does stand out in a crowd. I think he will go all the way. He is an entertainer, plus he can sing.The girls just fell on their faces. Such song choices, and the little red headed rocker, I'm too old for her kind of music. I grew up in the Elvis and Pat Boone era, haha, so I'm much older than you also, Kat! Personally, for me I don't like having the new judge, to me three was ENOUGH of their rambling on and on. And the new girl on the block talks way to much. Now that is my opinions!


  10. Well said, well said! Your evalutions are right on and I agree. I always love the originals – Adam, and now surprisingly Chris! But I also think it's losing it's sizzle a little. thanks for the chuckles!


  11. Wow. What a debrief! I didn't even know that show was still running. Thought it would have lost it's appeal years ago. Guess that's why I'm not a TV exec…I think I could start watching it right now and feel like I'd seen the whole season thus far.


  12. Deb – But you said you were “waiting with bated breath”!I haven't seen a minute of LOST, so I'm NOT your girl. Sorry.Brenda – I don't mind “vote off” shows, but it's mainly the people-watching element for me. People fascinate me.(I do miss the Carol Burnett Show.)Karen – Adam's growing on me, but I hope a worthy person comes down to the final 2 with him. (Problem with the newspaper idea is that I'm sure they've already got their “Idol” reporters in place.Lyn – You're right! Freddie Mercury was probably the last one. The thing I'm liking about Adam is that he's adventurous, but he's not rooted to one genre or style. He's a chameleon!Mairi – Your garden sounds as much fun as mine! We are constantly entertained by the visitors out back. We love it and so do our 4 cats.I have often thought about doing a word verification poem, but then I'd have to print mini-dictionary to translate it!MichaelM – Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I'm not with you on the “Freak” element. In fact, I stay away from most of those shows, but I think you're right about SC; as much as I think he's a pompous git (at least on camera) he really does NAIL IT when it comes to cutting to the chase with these kids. I just wish he was a bit more gentle sometimes.I laugh when he says, “If I'm honest…”I think he's run out of euphemisms for the performances though. I had a good one for Gokey's performance last week; it put me in mind of a Jerry Lewis telethon with all the cheezy lighting and the dashing around and the over the top vocals.NanaTrish – I think Paula is genuine in her appreciation of things, but you're right: she doesn rely on pat phrases. It bugs me when she sidelines a critique with a comment on their appearance.Jeannelle – Yup. DC dropped the ball again on New Year's Eve and Casey is still spinning tunes.iBeati – Who is your favourite Idol contestant of all-time? Mine is Bo Bice!Gramma Ann – I'm kind of with you on the 4 judges, but I guess that had to lighten Paula's load a bit.I like the oldies too. Some of this crazy, shrill, shrieky stuff does my head in!Diane – I agree, Kara is just as bad and she starts every sentence with, “You know…” That gets my goat!Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks.Kat


  13. What a great review, much better than others I've read. Gotta agree with you on all of it however, Adam is definitely my fave. I loved his rendition of the JOhnny Cash song…He is creative.


  14. I have to secretly admit that like Deborah I haven't seen the first episode of American Idol, but can recite chapter verse and plot twist theory on Lost with the best of them.If I did ever watch Idol though I think I'd want to do it with you sitting in my living room — or at least texting, because I suspect your running is more interesting than the show itself. Maybe a new career twist — from blogging to tv?


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