What to my wondering eyes?

snowyday 002

View from my front window at 7:30 a.m. April 6

snowyday 003

View from upstairs bathroom on side of house

snowyday 001

View from back door onto porch.

I wrote this poem last year at exactly this time (it was April 4th).  I just KNEW we were done with it yet!


Snow Job

Spring has played another joke

No flowers burst, no buds have broke

‘Gainst gusts and grippes our fires still smoke–

For Winter, us, will not unyoke.


Spring is just a jackanapes

Our bills get high as heat escapes

Through leaks and gaps behind the drapes–

We long for sun and scented ‘scapes.


Spring has bashed us with its bane

The blast blows past my bathroom pane

‘Til now we’ve managed to stay sane–

Our only hope’s the weather vane.


To boot, Spring’s pulled another prank

The forecasters have drawn a blank

While shov’ling yet one more snowbank–

Al Gore’s Truth’s what we can thank.


Spring gives us the old flim-flam

The twentieth was only sham

As lion jimmys window’s jamb–

We bide inside for promised Lamb.


Kathleen Mortensen ©2008

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16 thoughts on “What to my wondering eyes?

  1. Welcome, Reya. I'm with you– enough, already! I had thought as the morning progressed the snow would taper, but far from that, it is now a full-blown snow-storm!Glad you liked the poem.Kat


  2. I love April snow. Enjoy your lovely snow day, Kat. Mmm…lamb sounds good. Are you going to have some this year, too? I love your charming neighborhood, BTW. It reminds me so much of ours when we lived in Kansas City many, many moons ago.


  3. 'Spring has bashed us with its bane'!!! I love it!Really nice to see the photos out from your windows, Poetikat. It looks not dissimilar to some of the streets in our world, particularly around Raffsburgh where many of our friends live. (Our doors and windows are higher though!)PS How's the portal in the cupboard? Custard slices are a nice comfort in cold weather!


  4. I love it, Kat. I especially love:”Spring is just a jackanapesOur bills get high as heat escapesThrough leaks and gaps behind the drapes–We long for sun and scented ‘scapes.”When I lived in Ohio, I could relate to that heat bill. It was unbelievable. I hope you get some spring soon. But at least it inspired an awesome poem.


  5. Ouch– April snow is unfair. I really liked this poem– any poem that has “jackanapes” as a rhyming word really rocks. Seriously, tho, I think your poems are getting even better lately.I'm only on the net sporadically at this point, but am trying to catch up with blogs!


  6. Hi Kat, No sooner said than done!Snow/sleet/hail/freezing rain in Toronto today. Grey and miserable. Mu boyfriend's back and there's gonna be laundry, hey la, hey la, my boyfriend's back. Meaning I've got to go iron 8 shirts. Aaack.


  7. Oh, no! Spring always fools us! We're in Washington, DC to see the cherry blossoms, and the weather has been totally uncooperative — rainy and cold. No snow, but we hear the forecast for our drive home may include it.Nice poem – really nice ending.


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