American I-dull (sorta)




Angela Basset as Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

Well the chips are down and the and the mighty may fall.

I’m not going to mess around with the Judges’ comments on this one.  You all know what they’re saying: the same thing week after week after week. (Paula went with the smooth and silky look this week, by the way.)

Oh, what a night!  Who could forget those baby/childhood photos of the Fab Four? First, beatific, bow-tied Randy, then impish Kara Di DioGuardi, ponytailed poppet, Paula and then what? Simon Cowell in his military/space-raider costume complete with toy gun.  (This explains a whole lot.) I think Simon’s losing his hearing.  When Kara zinged him with a comment about the look on her baby face being down to his babysitting, he couldn’t hear her. Uh oh! Time for a Belltone hearing aid.

It was Sing a Song from the Year of Your Birth week. Fun wow! Well, it could have been if more than one person had picked a decent song from the 80s. Come on!  There’s so much material from that era. I should know; I was partying my face off while it was on.

Just for fun, Kevin and I thought about what song we would perform in that situation. My year is 1961 and the top song that year was “Tossin’ and a Turnin’” which is just perfect for me and my chronic insomnia.  Imagine my surprise to land on Deb Godin’s Papa Do Run blog this morning and find that very song on a YouTube clip on her front page.  I just had to call and tell her!

For 80’s Night, instead, we got Danny Gokey singing his version of “Stand by Me”. Say what? I just wish Gokey would go “low key”- tone it down a bit – try something unplugged, or maybe I’m just not an R & B sort of gal. Yeah, that’s the problem.

Oh no! Next came my man Kris Allan. He thought Matt’s pit-action last week was a good idea, so he tried it too and added a little guitar into the mix.  *shaking my head* Again, what’s with the song?  Don Henley, ex of the Eagles, had a bunch of hits and “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” was an okay number at the time, but this did nothing to showcase Kris’s stuff. He got lost in the shuffle with the horns, the swarming, clapping girls – even the guitar was pretty weak.  Next.

Oh no! It’s Tina Turner! Or is it?  Lil (not Little) Rounds entered in a Turneresque outfit with leather vest, mini skirt and platform heels. The only thing missing was the teased hair and the denim jacket.  She sang 1984’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It”.  It was okay, it’s just that in spite of herself she could not stop shrugging those shoulders like Tina, or two-stepping like Tina, or belting it out, just like you-know-who.  Oh shoot! Paula was stammering again – kiss of death and the dreaded word “karaoke” came up.  It was a “ghastly” copycat performance.

Who was next? Anoop Desai, in his mother’s lime-green striped sweater. What did he sing? Ironically, Cindy Lauper’s, “True Colours”. This did not work for me at all.  Cindy’s version will always be the only one.  I know there have been others, but what was Anoop thinking here?  A judge actually commented on it being a good thing – taking a female song and having a male sing it. I disagree. I don’t think it worked at all.   If this was on the radio, I would mos def hit the “scan” button once more to skip this track.  Maybe you guys wouldn’t. I don’t know.

Oh, poor Scott MacIntyre!  He’s a sweetheart of a guy, heart of gold, good sense of humour, sensitive soul and all that, but the song AND the guitar were just not doing it for me.  I’m dozing off just thinking about it! Didn’t like the song in the 80s– don’t like it now. The guitar was like some kid just learned a few chords and wanted to play for his parents. Really. Would someone please save this show? (I asked myself as I fast-forwarded through the judges’ comments.)

Hello! Alison Iraheta – I finally figured out who she reminds me of; it’s Charo, the cuchi, cuchi girl with the huge hair and honeydews! Yup. That’s it! Square-shaped face, big eyes, bit of an accent.  Definitely. 

This girl can really sing.  I’ve heard Bonnie Raitt’s, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” many times by many different people on both Canadian Idol and American (as well as Raitt herself).  Where does a 16 year old get a smoky, lounge-singer voice like she’s been smoking since Grade One and singing from the womb?  Both poignant and potent, she just smoked the earlier competition.  Paula did not stammer once in her praise.

And then came my buddy, Matt Giraud. He has his own “squad” now, did you know?  He gave the knod to a little J.T. with the tilted hat and a little Michael B and turned a Stevie Wonder hit, “Part-time Lovers” on its head.  it was pretty good, but not my fave performance.  And those pants have GOT to go!

Then someone heard my plea, “I need a hero!” and Adam Lambert stepped in to offer his services.


Playing to the Elvis side of his appearance (albeit the late-model Elvis) he appeared onstage in an all-white outfit, sitting calmly on a stool, an eerie blue light surrounding him.  He  pulled out one of my all-time favourite songs (I used to dance to this every weekend.) He took  Tears For Fears’ “Mad World” – gave it the Donnie Darko (Gary Jules) modern twist, stripping it down at first, but then he brought it to more of a low-key Freddie Mercury height. No question in my mind: this is going to be our winner.  Pay attention folks! Adam Lambert is destined to be the American Idol. 

My prediction:  Adam and Allison will be the final two. End of.



Results show:  Frankie Avalon got yanked out of retirement to sing “Venus”. We learned Simon is turning 50 (but his Peter Pan complex is alive and well).  Adam thanked Cowell for his standing ovation.  Scott was the last man standing and nobody swept in to save him.  Sad, but true.

Tune in next week.



7 thoughts on “American I-dull (sorta)

  1. I agree with you… Adam is gifted, this is what happens when an original performs..definitely in the same(maybe) breath as Freddie. Allison too, like, how did she happen? The others, good luck to them, and the judges, running on empty. Paula, I hold my day at a time may work.. Feels like this should be the last season.


  2. Lyn – I agree completely. If this is NOT the last season, then they should at least have a hiatus. That's what we're doing here, in Canada.Willow – Thank you. You're not missing much on quite a number of scores, but personally, I would really miss “The Amazing Race” if it were cancelled.Kat


  3. Well, Kat you did an excellent review. I noticed a week or two ago that Alison reminded me of Charo, but I'm a bit older than you and was surprised you noticed it too. I agree that Adam will be the new Idol. But, it all comes down to the voters. I personally don't vote, because I really don't care who wins. As I said before, I like musical variety shows and this is about the only one on TV anymore.


  4. luv gramma ann's comment about charro. my daughter loves allison. great post, kat. i can't believe the ease with which you move from poetry to i-dull. you make it look so easy. i love that you present more than one window into your lovely mind!!


  5. I'm with Willow and not into reality telly, too many of these types of programmes now. Cheapo telly. Can't stand Simon Cowell either.The last Pop Idol I watched was the first in 2002 when Will Young won. Lost interest after that.


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