Easter Bunny Done Good!

choc 003

choc 004

My Easter Bunny came through for me! Lent is over and I’m back on the dark choc again (not a moment too soon!)

Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg graces my table, along with their supreme hot chocolate (in the jar). The Madagascar and the Hint of orange have been sitting in a basket in the fridge. They are the first things I tasted this morning (along with some cashews for “the bunny”). Between the chocolate and the fresh-brewed organic, fair-trade coffee, I’ll admit there’s a bit of a buzz on, but now I must go and get ready for Easter morning Mass.

Enjoy your Easter Day! Hope you all got a good stash of your favourite Easter goodies too!



25 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Done Good!

  1. So you're Green & Black addict! My husband often buys that for our grandchildren. Now me I'm a Thornton's girl but I also love Divine and Cadbury's.I was naughty this year, intended to give it up for Lent but forgot after a couple of days. It's hard when the kiddoes are around, they just give me bits they don't want and I automatically eat them. Oh well next year I might do better.


  2. Truth to tell, Winifred, I didn't start until after St. Patrick's Day. I woke up and thought, My Goodness! I haven't given anything up! Looking in the fridge and finding 6 bars of chocolate decided for me. Think I'll go have a bit now, actually.Kat


  3. Happy chocolate munching…Great pics… must be the easter thing as I've noticed that a few bloggers have posted photos of themselves this time round.I'm just enjoying a breakfast of chocolate and coffee now.. yesterdays leftovers.best wishes Ribbon 🙂


  4. not sure i could give up chocolate. i don't eat it everyday, i don't think, but the thought of not being able to eat it frightens me. you done good kat.nice robe too. i love brown.


  5. After thinking about chocolate, my mind trances out..what next, I ask..well, tiptoe to the crystal dish and let a Lindt truffle melt in my mouth. I have no resistance, and I don't care! You look adorable, by the way!!


  6. I have to take care of my own chocolate habit. We've got a German shop on our street that sells a great selection.When we still had Marks and Spencers here my very favourite was the Tiramisu egg. I can still taste it. Oh, and I just discovered dark chocolate with Chai flavouring. Delish. I hope you had a great weekend. The weather was good here finally.


  7. Kat, As always ,I enjoy my visit to you, and I love dark chocolate.Thanks for visiting me in the past, come by you will like my easter pics, starting with good Friday. I also have a crown of thorns, I must say yours is absolute beautiful wood work. Have a good week. Blessings, Brook


  8. Yum, yum! What a kind Easter bunny! I've had Green & Black chocolate before….its great! And, don't feel guilty about enjoying a bit of dark chocolate everyday…..its very good for you!


  9. What a cute and endearing photo, Poetikat! Looking muy feliz on the day Lent ends. I'm still vulnerable to cheap chocolate of the Reese's peanut butter cup variety. Have a good week…


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