Movie Roles that Rocked


As always, Willow of Willow Manor comes up with some of the best memes around.  She is well aware of my weakness for anything to do with film and so it should come as no surprise that I found it impossible to resist her invitation to “pinch” this one that was originally at All I Need is  Everything.

The task was to list your “Ten Favourite Movie Characters”.  I took my cue from Willow and did a dozen.  I will save some for another post since this proved to be excellent good fun. I also followed Willow’s example and added some fitting quotes to give you an idea why these characters are so memorable. 

Feel free to post your own worthy selection.

Ladies and Gentlemen, herewith,  I present my choices:


Withnail – Richard E. Grant  (Withnail & I)


“We’ve gone on holiday by mistake.”


Tevye – Topol (Fiddler on the Roof)


“Well, for a woman who has been dead for thirty years she looked very good.”


Maximus – Russell Crowe (Gladiator)


“At my signal, unleash hell.”


King Mongkut of Siam – Yul Brynner (The King and I)


“But…Is a puzzlement!”


Colonel  Nicholson – Sir Alec Guinness (Bridge on the River Kwai)


“I suppose if I were you… I’d have to kill myself.”


Frank – Henry Fonda  (Once Upon a Time in the West)


“People scare better when they’re dying.”


Cecil Vyse – Daniel Day Lewis (A Room With a View)


“You must forgive me if I say stupid things. My brain has gone to pieces.”


Gigi – Leslie Caron (Gigi)


“With all the talk there is about you, Gaston, I’ve never heard it said you had any taste in clothes.”


Eliza Doolittle – Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady)


“Come on, Dover, move yer bloomin’ arse!”


Charlotte Bartlett – Maggie Smith ( A Room With a View)


“We all have our little foibles, and mine is the prompt settling of accounts.”


Margo Channing – Bette Davis (All About Eve)


“I’ll admit I may have seen better days, but I’m still not to be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut.”


Vivian Rutledge – Lauren Bacall  (The Big Sleep)


“So you do get up, I was beginning to think you worked in bed like Marcel Proust.”


17 thoughts on “Movie Roles that Rocked

  1. Oh, all these are SO great. I especially love Tevye, The King, and Cecil! Tevye has some of the greatest lines ever. And don't you just love the scene where Cecil is outside the window swatting the bees? I really wanted to do my favorite 100!! But not practical.


  2. HI Kat! I stayed after work to check in on all my fave bloggers. Wasn't Lauren Bacall a knock out. Wow! Loved Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof….if I were a rich man..da da da da….. Russell Crowe was fabulous as Maximus. That quote from Withnail is one I need to remember. I've never seen that movie. I'll have to put it on my list. I hope to get back to the world of blogging sometime soon. Until then, carry on in your unmatchable style!


  3. Wonderful idea for a meme. Your list is great and so is your memory. I love Tevye, too. And, shoot…..I could have sent you some Bette Davis postage stamps which are in circulation right now.Have a wonderful day, Kat!


  4. Wow, even knowing your penchant for flicks, this is an impressive list. The only thing I can think of (but I am under-caffeinated at the moment) right off the top of my head is Audrey Hepburn hailing a taxi in “Beakfast at Tiffany's. I'll have to work on this!


  5. Thanks, folks. I'm glad you're enjoying my selection. I'm feeling kind of under the weather today with a sore throat and cold, so I'm not doing much visiting.See you soon.Kat


  6. A great list. Grant is my favourite from this bunch. He's priceless.I got your message about Windows Messenger. I think I'll decline. One more piece of technology that puzzles me. And you're scaring me again. That cat tea cosy on your profile. I bought the exact one for my mum about 22 years ago.


  7. That is a GREAT list. Fascinating to see and ponder everyone's picks, especially when the same actor comes up, but in an entirely different role.I am already working on my second round…


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