Theme Thursday: Fire!


A Small Fire

I am aflame
With desire
Or I was once
You haven’t changed
Nor I, really
It’s just not
The all-consuming
It once was.
We’re satisfied
With the familiar flicker
Of embers
Under the grate
No tongues
No kindling
Or spits
We’re a couple
Of old dogs
In the glow
Of the furnace.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009

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These are not my dogs. Please click picture above for source.

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25 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Fire!

  1. “We're satisfiedWith the familiar flickerOf embers”You've certainly captured the comfort and familiarity of a longtime, long-term relationship. The ultra-indicative”No tonguesLick” Oooh! Kat, this is good!


  2. Everyone's loving the image of the dogs (not ours in the photo, by the way). If you knew us, you'd see how appropriate that is (except we're not really that old and we've got cats flopped in front of the fire).Thank you all for your generous comments.Kat


  3. Yep, you nailed it. I once heard a commedienne describe as “a well-choreographed tango — you do this, three, four, I do that, seven, eight.”Except that, after a while, it's less a tango than a slow, easy waltz.And you can't remember what the big deal was about tangoing….


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