Friday Film Festival: Movies that get you every time

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Picture this: it could be late on a Friday night – after Leno or Letterman, you’re just about to turn off the t.v. and then a voice comes on to announce the next program will be a movie. You recognize the title, you’ve seen it before – perhaps a few times. It’s not necessarily on your favourites list, but still you pause, watch the opening scene or the cast credits. You promise yourself, it’s only going to be a few minutes and then you’ll go to bed. Your wife or husband calls to you to ask when you’re coming up. You call back that you’ll be there in a minute. If you’re anything like me, that minute comes and goes and it’s too late! You are hooked. Either your spouse comes down to see what you’re up to and decides to stay too, or they go off to the land of nod, while you’re wide awake and now riveted to the screen. It’s one of those films that gets you every time.

Here’s another scenario: It’s a wet and windy Sunday afternoon. You’re hanging out in front of the t.v., a bowl of nachos and salsa on the table. Maybe you’re sipping a mug of tea, or nursing a beer– just flipping channels, looking for anything of interest. Click. There’s a familiar face on the screen. You recognize the setting. You know some of the dialogue. You sink a little deeper into your chair and let the remote fall out of your hands to rest beside you. You’re already hooked! They get you every time.

Here are a few of mine:

1983 The Hunger

A good deal of the appeal is obviously nostalgia. I’m not a fan of vampire flicks anymore. David Bowie is a bit long-in-the-tooth (Oops! pardon the pun) for me and I stopped wearing sunglasses at night and dancing to Bauhaus years ago. I guess it transports me back to my university days, a pseudo-punk milieu and the titillation of a watching a truly sexy film for the first time.

1973 Charley Varrick

You can’t beat a crime caper with laundered money, The Mob, fast cars, banks, guns, girls and a great actor like Walter Matthau. This is a winner. Hands down. I love all the Dirty Harry movies too, and this is directed by the same guy, Don Siegel.

1963 The Great Escape

One of the best non-combat war movies ever! The intrigue, suspense and action are fantastic! The cast is a who’s who of the big screen and 1970s television: James Garner, Donald Pleasance, Charles Bronson, Richard Attenborough, James Coburn and of course, Steve McQueen (and many more!). This movie also has one of the best motorcycle chases ever put on film. Turn away. I dare you!

1987 The Untouchables

I think I saw The Untouchables in the theatre 3 times. I have since seen it on t.v. a few as well. It is memorable for so many reasons – DeNiro’s Al Capone (and the bat scene), Sean Connery’s beat-cop, a really young, Kevin Costner as Elliot Ness and a boyish Andy Garcia. It is the Eisenstein-like scene in the train station with the baby-carriage that I remember best. I ask you, how could you turn the t.v. off when this is on?

1992 Patriot Games

What’s not to love? I.R.A., Harrison Ford, a really young Sean Bean (of Lord of the Rings fame) as one of the key terrorists, Patrick Bergin as the kingpin. Bombs, intrigue, car-crashes…the works. Ah, the heck with it! I’m going out to buy this one.

Other Irresistible Movies:

A Perfect Murder

About a Boy

Notting Hill

The Great Gatsby


No Way Out

Fatal Attraction

The list goes on and on…what are some of yours?


21 thoughts on “Friday Film Festival: Movies that get you every time

  1. I enjoy your movie posts! Speaking of Harrison Ford, “The Fugitive” and “Witness” are two of my favorites of his. If there were time, I'd plop down and watch one on this cloudy day.


  2. Good list! Mine include-About a BoyThe FugitiveMost old musicalsMany old historical dramasMany old war filmsEg The Dam BustersA Matter of Life and DeathOverboardThe Victors-so good I ordered it!


  3. Whoopee – I've actually seen one of those – The Great Escape!! I don't watch many films, especially since beginning blogging! Maureen and I like to watch planet Earth films when there is time, (busy spring and summer with our tours now). We do like the Batman films, and I'd like to see the new Star Trek one with 'Sylar' as Mr Spock!


  4. Did you know that FB has one of the 5-things lists (stop reading right now if you don't want to get hooked again!) for Movies You've Seen So Many Times You Can Recite The Dialogue While Watching?


  5. Couldn't possibly pick one but you're right about the channel surfing and getting hooked on some old movie half way through! My niece bought me a book “1000 Movies to See Before You Die” shamefully, I've actually seen almost 300 of them!


  6. Excellent list!Some of my drop-the-remote-and-sink-in are “16 Candles,” “Rebecca,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and “The Best Years of Our Lives.” And definitely “Fatal Attraction”!


  7. Great. Of course, the Untouchables was written by some dude called Mamet, which helps a bit. It's such a good screenplay for silly manly things such as territory and responsibility, guilt and aggression. I thought the Potemkin steps bit was a tad overcooked.Oh, I can't agree on Patriot Games, the book was *so very* silly (Prince Charles the Action Hero) that it coloured the movie for me.Nice List! 🙂


  8. I have only seen “The Untouchables” and I love “About a Boy”. I guess in the same genre my very favorite is “Love Actually” and the very romantic “Under The Tuscan Sun”. Those movies could keep me spellbound still, although I have seen them numerous times already.;)


  9. Jeannelle-I think Kev and I saw “The Fugitive” on our first date. It was and still is fantastic! I've seen “Witness” a couple of times as well and you're right, both should be on the list.Sarah – Oh, absolutely! The old musicals, war movies and historical dramas – and for me, the western is probably it – my favourite genre, bar none.Petra – I thought you'd like this. My list is endless too.Raph – Well, if you're going to have seen one, that's certainly a great one! Kevin and I saw the new Star Trek last weekend. It is VERY good.Deb – DON'T get me started again!TFE – They are indeed. I'd like to know some of your choices though. Thanks so much for the award. I've got it in the sidebar now and will add it to the collage at the bottom once I pass it on.Baino – 300 is pretty good. I wonder how many of those I've seen? I think I would like to own that book and luckily my birthday is coming up.Megan – “Cooler” ha ha! Just reminded me, I should have added “Cool Hand Luke” too.Lyn – Thanks, my dear friend. I picked up – it's in my sidebar.Leah – All of those are really good. I love “16 Candles” – especially the scene where her sister is on the muscle relaxants.Ken – Yes! Overcooked, I do agree, BUT when I saw it, I was still mightily impressed and it is one of the scenes that pops into my head, unbidden.I didn't read “Patriot Games” so was able to suspend my disbelief and just roll with it.(I always know I can draw you out with a movie post!)Protege – I love “About A Boy” for so many reasons…Hugh Grant. The first scene with his sister and brother-in-law –when they ask him to be godfather is just sooo funny!I also really like Toni Collette.I haven't seen “Under The Tuscan Sun”, but you're not the first person to speak highly of it. I liked Diane Lane in “Must Love Dogs” with John Cusack.Kat


  10. I found a sale at Blockbusters and bought some of my favourites – Stranger Than Fiction, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle. Unfortunately, they didn't have a copy of Love, Actually. That's way up on my list – with Under the Tuscan Sun, which you must see, Kat.From Tuscan Sun:Patti: I refuse to screw up your love life.Frances: Don't be ridiculous, Patti. You are my love life.


  11. I like that there are no usual suspects on your list. No Way Out is one of those movies that's hard to resist, no matter how many times you watch it. I still remember seeing it over 20 years ago and being totally shocked.


  12. Oh, the bat scene! I still cringe when I think about that. I'm a complete wimp when it comes to those scenes. Maybe it's because of DeNiro–one of my fave actors, who's just so terribly terrible as a bad guy–though I almost cried over his performance in Awakenings, too. These movie posts are always very enjoyable. Thanks, Kat. Hope you're having a good weekend. xo


  13. Sandra Leigh – That dialogue is enough to convince me!Jen – Nope. No usual suspects for me (although that movie might lure me).sallymandy – I know! That scene was a real shocker. I bawled my way through “Awakenings”.Kat


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