Won’t… you come..on… down-to-MY rescue?

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Thank heavens for good blogger friends. I’m feeling a bit empty today and not inclined to do a Friday Film Festival post, or a Blast From the Past, BUT, Petra Michelle of Whose Role Is It Anyway and Petra Michelle’s Poetry (see sidebar for links) has kindly tagged me for what else, but a meme? I am rescued in the nick of time! I mean you can tell how lost I am just by the title of this post, what?

Memes are not too demanding and for me, today, this one is just the ticket. So, allow me to expound on a series of “Eights” – Crazy, they may be!

Eight things I am looking forward to:

1. My 15th wedding anniversary which will be spent at the lovely Mercer Hall Inn. (same room and everything!)

2. Seeing Julius Caesar presented on stage at Stratford, Ontario’s Festival Theatre.

3. My birthday, which draws ever closer as the days fly by.

4. My mother’s trip to Nova Scotia. This will be her first trip without my dad and our first time being more than 3 hours apart since 2007, so it’s a bit of a break for all of us.

5. An excursion to Elora, Ontario, this weekend to visit the cemetery, but also to check in at one of my favourite stores, “Jammed Lovely” which IS literally jammed with fantastic artsy and fun stuff (I’m going to get a new, colourful pashmina).

6. Wearing the new hat I bought yesterday – all greens and blues with a flower on the side.

7. Reading my thrift-store mystery-novel find, “Lunenburg” by Keith Baker (an Irish writer). It’s set in Nova Scotia and has a rather nasty double murder in the prologue then jumps ahead 20 years or so (just the way I like them – crossing back and forth in time).

8. Heading out to the City Bakery Cafe in town on Saturday morning for some fresh, wood-fired, bagels and croissants. Mmmm! (We’ve got some gorgeous, organic cream cheese to go with them too.)

citybakery cboven

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Visited all the folks who participated in Theme Thursday

2. Took my mother shopping for a suitcase on wheels.

3. Had an iced mochaccino (sp?) for the first time.

4. Bought Cat Power’s cd, The Greatest. (See playlist at bottom of this page.)

5. Bombed around town in the Mini Cooper with the sunroof open and the radio blaring.

6. Cleaned out my cat, Blanche’s ears.

7. Set up a double-shepherd’s hook with sock-style nyjer-seed bird-feeders (no takers yet).

8. Listened to my Irish Poetry cd from the book, “Voices and Poetry of Ireland”.


Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Figure out a way to record my voice so I can share my poetry with you.

2. Catch the rat in my backyard (yes, we have a new one this year.)

3. Get rid of the pain in my lower back.

4. Read everything on my poetry shelf (see photo below).

5. Memorize some poems (my memory’s not what it once was.)

6. Hire someone to do the front garden.

7. Make a boatload of money so my husband can retire. (Sure. Dream on.)

8. Duh! Remember to do eight things, rather than seven.

– sleep in without a cat bugging for food at 5:00 a.m.!

Eight T.V. shows I watch (faithfully)

1. Coronation Street

2. Jeopardy (The best part is getting Final Jeopardy when the contestants don’t!)

3. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

4. The Big Bang Theory

5. The Amazing Race

6. Survivor

7. Any BBC home improvement show.

8. Don’t Forget The Lyrics


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Eight of My Favourite Foods

1. Toast (with Nutella, jam, peanut butter or olive oil margarine).

2. Pasta (particularly organic linguine with tomatoes, goat’s cheese and peppers)

3. Homemade guacamole. Send me an S.A.S.E. and I’ll send you my recipe (with the secret ingredient)!

4. Eggs – poached, fried, scrambled – any way at all. I love ‘em!

5. Curry – with chicken and tomatoes or lentils, green peppers, and potatoes.

6. Salmon – any way at all. I even love salmon sandwiches.

7. Cereal with organic skim milk (the crunchier, the better).

8. Cheese! Hard cheese, rather than soft and absolutely NO blues!

salmon sandwich Click for source.

Eight Places I’d Like to Travel

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Amalfi Coast, Italy

3. Dijon, France

4. Back to the site of my honeymoon (15 years ago) – Ireland (all over).

5. Northern Scotland

6. Cornwall, England

7. British Columbia

8. Anywhere my blog-friends live!

Cornwall Cornwall, England (click for source)

Here’s where the fun starts: I’m tagging the following people (only if they’re game, of course).

Sarah of Circles of Rain

Carolyn of Fruit of the Carolyn

TFE of Totalfeckineejit

Sandra Leigh of the Amazing Voyages of the Turtle (I keep getting this blog title mixed up with a Sting song.)

NanaTrish of Nana’s Living The Dream

Hey! If you feel like playing along, go ahead! The more the merrier, as they say.



23 thoughts on “Won’t… you come..on… down-to-MY rescue?

  1. I just love sheep! I love the meme! Interesting to read! Come and visit anytime. I will do it but it will probably be next week as, can you believe it-I have to go to work tomorrow! I do get a day off in lieu and we are going to a fancy hotel to do management type things. I worry I have nothing to bring to the table but maybe I can waffle and get away with it like I do at other times!


  2. Sarah – I'm glad you're up for this. (I love sheep too!)Good luck with the work tomorrow (at least it's a fancy hotel). I'm sure you have something to bring to the table. I'll be round for a visit soon.Carolyn – Oh good! That's exactly how I felt too.TFE – Looking forward to yours. Yes! We do have a Mini Cooper – silver with black racing stripes, black hood and alloy wheels, black spoiler and sunroof. It rocks! It really does.Kat


  3. holy eight-ball Batman! lots of things there.. congrats on your upcoming anniversary! my cat actually caught the mouse in the backyard today. yay. minicooper ehh…nice car. great post Poetikat!


  4. This was a great way to get to know you a little better! Hope your mom has a fun trip! Sounds like you two are close. I love extra crunchy cereal with milk, too! :)You could video yourself reading your poetry and post it! Your readers would love that! We could see AND hear you that way!


  5. Trish – I look forward to your “Crazy Eights” post. You're more than welcome btw – any time.Hi Karen! Thanks.Brian – Yup. We love our “Mini”. Glad you enjoyed the “eights”.Betsy – Hi! Thanks. My mom's going to visit her brother down east (it's really OUT east, but we call it DOWN for some reason). I'll miss her, but it will be nice for a spell.You were born in '61 too? What month?P.S. I just had some crunchy organic wheat squares (Shreddies-ish) with milk. Yum.Kat


  6. I'm exhausted just reading all this! But it was fun! MMMMM! Nutella and cheese ( you're spot on about the bleu, the green is much better ).And last time I was in Nova Scotia was back in '88—in MARCH! Bbbbrrrr!


  7. You know what? This is going to be harder than I thought. I was okay until I got to the 'favourite foods' category. It turned out that my favourite foods are basically the same as yours. Sheesh. Never met a carb I didn't like. Oh, and curried prawns are pretty fantastic.Never mind. I'll make some more up and post them tomorrow. Thanks for rescuing me. ;>)


  8. Yeah I'm stealing this one for a rainy day. And it's supposed to rain tomorrow.And I still haven't finished the story meme but I swear it's in the works and Thou Shalt Be Tagged.Happy Anniversary in advance – same room how cool is THAT?


  9. Oh and speaking of the confusion with the Turtle/Sting thing – I've been singing “Strawberry Fields” ever since I saw this post title!Weird how the brain works, ain't it?


  10. It is always fun to read what people have to say about themselves in response to a meme. I feel like I know you a little better. Your new banner is like a big welcome!


  11. this might sound like the scenic route to record your voice, but if you have a digital camera, set it on movie and talk into that. i did that once and then converted the movie to an mp3 file. or you could point the camera at a picture of you and then just read your poetry. the microphone will pick up your voice. i have tried a program called audacity. you need a microphone with that, but i believe it's free. i have it, so it has to be. lol


  12. Hi Kat:Really fun. Re: recording–I know you had some sound files of poems on the blog at one time, but I'm guessing however you were doing it isn't working now(?) If you can pick up a good condensor mic with either a 1/4″ jack or an 1/8″ jack (sorry, don't know the mm), there should be an input on your computer for a mic, & you could record directly in (the input will almost certainly be 1/8″, but you can get an adapter from 1/4″ to 1/*' at any Radio Shack for a pittance). You might also download the freeware ”Audacity”, which would give you as much editing capability as you'd ever need. If you have questions, please feel free to drop me a line!


  13. What an interesting read, I share ALL your favorite foods.;) And if you ever make it to Denmark, let me know.;)Btw, love your new header and the whole blog design, lovely.;))Hope you are having a great weekend.;))xoZuzana


  14. Subby – What part of NS were you in? I was last there in '89 (too long ago). I love Cape Breton (which is where my family on my mom's side comes' from).Marja – I'll be having a great time with my husband. My mom will be with her brother (for 10 days).Sandra – No problem with duplicating my carbfest! I should have specified multigrains and raisin breads (oh, and pumpernickel).Megan – Yes. It's a good one – not too difficult or involved. (Still looking forward to the story one you're posting.) And the room is GORGEOUS! (King sized bed with a medieval canopy thing).(Today I can't get Feist's 1234 out of my head. Help!)Steviewren – That's such a nice thing to say about the banner. I hope everyone feels welcome when they visit.Natural and John Hayes – Thanks for the tip about “Audacity”; I will check it out. I just want to record my voice (no videos, at least not yet).Protege – I'll be anxious to read your 7 Awesumm things. (Have you ever seen a Danish film called Memories of a Marriage?)Kat


  15. Hi Kat. We were round Halifax. Weren't much to do, what with the cold and all. Toured the Citadel and went on manoeuvers with some of Canada's finest navy. And the tides in Bay of Fundy! OY! Would love to take a trip up, in the summer-time, tho' 🙂 And I've got some old snaps round here, somewhere…


  16. Subby – You really need to see NS in the Summer or Fall. Check out my Blasts From the Past blog in the next few days, I'll be writing an anecdote from a vacation in my teens.There area also a few poems on this site that are about NS. “Scraps of Me” and “Getting Ducked” to name a couple.Kat


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