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Hello my dear friends,

I’m sorry I’ve been absent, but I have a few projects on the go at the moment. I’m trying to write for Blasts From the Past, which I’ve been neglecting, I’m working on the Theme Thursday and OSI poems and also a few other things. So, if you’ve missed me over at your place, never fear–I hope to be visiting some time soon.

Have a great day!



14 thoughts on “Apologia

  1. Hi, Kat! I look forward to reading all of your new work. I try to visit friends each time they post, but I'm afraid I can't keep up most weeks. So I cherish the days like today when I can. Take care & have a beautiful and productive week:)


  2. Thanks everyone! It's been a productive day – got my BFtP post written and active, cycled for 30 mins. on the stationary bike and made a great dinner.I'll be free to do my visits with you all tomorrow morning.Have a good evening!Kat


  3. Have no fear of being absent, young lady. :o)I'm the President of that club!No worries on my end regarding your absence. I do hope you're doing well.Thanks for your recent visits too!Off to read your Blast from the Past~m


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