Poetry Reading (It’s been 2 years already!)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first official PODCAST. Yahoo! (Please note: the podcaster is now in my sidebar at top left.)

What better day to launch my Podcasting abilities than on my Blogoversary?

Yes. It’s been 2 years since I started this lark called “blogging” and I have to say I’ve learned so much about myself about people in general and about the intricacies of the internet.

The best part about blogging has definitely been the people I’ve encountered and who have become my friends. Even better, is that I continue to meet the nicest people (almost on a daily basis). I LOVE blogging and I LOVE sharing my poetry with you all (because you really encourage and appreciate what I do, but also because I like to bring a smile to your faces–or a tear to your eye). I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me as I reveal who I am as a poet and a person in this mad world.



Morning Of A Fawn

What must have possessed him
Climbing steps of stone
Ent’ring hallowed halls where
Only man has gone
Pointed stars directing
On his lonely quest
Eyes to front, he’s charging
Which way out is best?
Up and over desktop
Papers fill the air
Crashing heavy objects
Flying tufts of hair
Over in the distance
Streaming on the floor
Sunlight from a window–
Should have used the door!
Slack jaws hanging open
Beast is gone, pell-mell
Speculating’s rampant
Home to park Odell?
Harshness of the winters
Population dropped
Numbers on the rise now
Time the harts were stopped.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009

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32 thoughts on “Poetry Reading (It’s been 2 years already!)

  1. Kat, it's so neat to hear your voice! You are very brave, I think. What a wonderful way to celebrate your blogoversary, and with your first-posted poem, too. Fun stuff!


  2. Congrats on both 2 years and the new pod cast. You have such a great reading voice, and it was like you were right there in the room. I think if I'd been looking at your header instead of reading along, I would have expected you to blink!


  3. wow. happy blogoversary! nice to hear your voice. must of missed this piece of news, or maybe it ws local. Have deer in teh backyard every night. had one up on the patio a week of so back when i opened the door. don't know who was more surprised! have a great weekend!


  4. You have a very good voice for reading, Kat, very crisp and clear and I like this poem and listening to it I wondered if the word near the end was going to be Harts or hearts when I read the poem below.It's great to hear your poems being read. More please!


  5. Awesome poem, Kat! And great to hear you, as well. I did have an encounter, this mornig after work: mama deer was just standing in the middle of the road. I was the only vehicle around. As I slowed to a stop ( struggling to get my cell working ), she was gone in two bounds! Right up a stone embankment! Happy two years of blogging! Here's to many more 🙂


  6. Hi Kat! I loved listening to you reading your poem-and love the poem too-especially the bit about should have used the door! What is park Odell? You have a lovely voice!I have got an award to give you-well I will have when I have finished the post I am doing but I keep getting distracted by commenting!Tomorrow!


  7. Happy anniversary, Kat– you've made a very cool space here. The podcast sounded great– I'll check into the podomatic site myself. & you know, the things that are good about your poetry were all there in that poem. I really enjoyed it.


  8. Rachel – Thanks. Bravery had nothing to do with! I'm way past that. You should try it.Carol – Thanks, Carol. I'm so pleased you're one of my blog-friends.Deb – Ha ha. Maybe I did!Brian – Thanks. It was in New Brunswick at the local town hall. You have a great weekend too. (I'd love to have deer in the backyard!)ibeati – It does, doesn't it?TFE – Thanks. I'm glad you caught that pun. There shall be more. I promise.Subby – Thanks, Sub. All these people with deer around them. I get squirrels, birds, the odd rat(!)er raccoon, but no deer.Sarah! Hey! Park Odell is a park that was close to the site of the deer incident (town hall in Fredericton, New Brunswick). I will look forward to the award (aw, shucks!). No hurry – I'll be out at Donkey Day most of the day anyway.John – Thank you, John. You say the nicest things. (If you decide to go with Podomatic, when you create the podcast there's no need to give your blogger info – just look for the embed code at the bottom. Oh, and remember to wait for the e-mail notification – I didn't and had to delete a post and redo it. Other than that, it's easy-peasy.Kat


  9. I stopped here this morning and then got pulled away from the computer. I had to come back to tell you Happy Anniversary and that I really enjoyed hearing you recite your poem. My husband happened to be sitting near by and enjoyed it also. I really enjoy your blogs Kat. Just wanted you to know that on your Anniversary! I am glad we found each other!


  10. Hi Kat,Happy anniversary…and well done on getting a podcast up and running…nice one, enjoyed the listen…you've inspired me to get my act together on this too. : )Liz


  11. Really nice not just to see fellow bloggers but to hear them and to hear you read your own poetry is a real treat. I hope you do it again . .poor deer . .in the poem . .not you!


  12. Thank you everybody for your generous assessments of my first podcast and your congratulations on my 2nd year of blogging!Your friend in the Wonderful World of Blogs,Kat


  13. I am liking your words,you. Normally the 'caps' at the beginning of each line, bothers me somewhat and yet with this, it did not hinder the flow of the read for me. Lovely jubbly!


  14. Hi, Kat! I'm trying to catch up on what I missed. I'm sorry I'm so slow! This is absolutely beautiful. I love the poem, and I'm especially happy to hear you read it. You have a wonderful reading voice. Happy anniversary and best wishes for many, many more!


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