How to reach Poetikat

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Hi Everyone!

This is just to advise you that I will no longer be using the e-mail services of I’ve been having a great deal of trouble with loading and managing my e-mails on the site and have decided to move everything to Yahoo.

If you wish to be on my contacts list, please send a quick e-mail to me at:

Hope to hear from you!




9 thoughts on “How to reach Poetikat

  1. Kat- something is wrong. There is a black screen covering your contact information. I did manage to read that you are moving over to Yahoo – I did that years ago, and I've never regretted it.


  2. Kat, good luck with yahoo (I've other names for it but see how you do with it first ). I've dumped three different yahoo accounts, in the past 3-1/2 years. I didn't care for the pop-ups, hack attempts, spam, etc. Unless it's changed, in the past few months….I'll stay with my gmail. I'm hoping you won't have any problems, tho'. Too, I guess “myway” wasn't “your way”, so you took alternate “highway”, wot?


  3. Willow – Thanks! Got it! Got your reply too.Sandra – All is in place. I think the podcast thing is fixed too.Andrea – Got you!Brian – I didn't get an e-mail from you!Subby – Anything is better than MY WAY! (Anyway, Yahoo is not my home server mail.)Baino – I don't think I'll be sorry. (*Going to look up Antipodean*)Protege – I'll look forward to it.Kat


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