Theme Thursday: “Funky”

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Mista Funk-y

There he goes a-steppin’ in his high-soled shoes,
loves to disco-dance, but he lives to blow the Blues.
Mista Funk-y.

He’s jes free-wheelin’, no monkey on his back,
Slippin’ on his shades, keep the Ladies on his track.
Mista Funk-y.

He got some feather boas wrappin’ round his neck,
Stacksa LP records in the groove on deck.
Mista Funk-y.
He blows smoke-circles from Gitanes, up high
Drinkin’ Veuve Cliquot, says, it bubbles with a sigh.
Mista Funk-y

One sad day, he’ll be wakin’ up to find
This ol’ world’s gone crazy– it’ll blow his mind!
Mista Funk-y.
Then he’ll pack away his duds, find a stool up at the bar
Stub his ciggy in the tray … sink another jar.
Mista Funk-y.

In his low-slung Lincoln with the hula on the dash,
He’ll ease on down to N’Orleans, and blow out all his cash.
Mista Funk-y.
There he’ll end his days by a Bourbon Street lamp-post,
Jammin’ to the echoes of an old jazz-ghost.
Mista Funk-y.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

Please see the Podcaster in my sidebar to hear a reading of this poem. Technical difficulties have been resolved. Thank you!


37 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: “Funky”

  1. Kat, I can just hear you now at your next poetry reading…you'll have to liven things up a bit and rap this one! You'll have the audience tapping their toes to the rhythm.


  2. I could hear the music, too, and my head was starting to groove. Just awesome, Kat. Sorry I've been sparse in my visits. I've had real get-paid-to-work work so I've been a little slack visiting my fave blogs.


  3. I know it's weird because I really don't care too much for poetry but yours is so often a treat . .all you need is some funky beats and a good bass slap and you've got a hit there girl!


  4. Karen – Thank you so much! It's seems as though you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. (I don't know about your last comment. I just go with the flow, baby!)Steviewren – It would be nice if I could find a venue where I could read it. It's the kind of thing that stays in your head though, isn't it?John – Hah! That's funny because I debated about using Gitanes, although it was the first thing to come to mind. I wasn't sure if a Euro-cigarette would be that common in the US. Now Kevin tells me HE has even had one.Jenx – Real work! Good for you! Getting paid is always nice. No problem at all; just visit when you can. I'm glad you were groovin' along wit Mista Funk-y!Subby – He certainly has got the groove thang! You're right!Kris – Well, I expect now he's up in Heaven playin' for the Big Bopper!Jill – He does grow on you, doesn't he? You never know when he might make a reappearance!Marja – Thanks! Funkee, Funkeh, Funk-y! You bet!Dominic – Apparently, it has diverse meaning. I know around here, we get some pretty funky laundry sometimes (especially after my husband goes to the gym)!Ajay – Care to write some music for him?Nick! Hey! How are you doing these days? I'm glad you enjoyed Mista Funk-y!Baino – That is a high compliment indeed. I do try to be accessible most of the time – I write what I like and hope that others will enjoy it too.Leah – That's one of my fave lines too!Carol – Well, I sort of pictured him starting out in NYC and rollin' on down to the French Quarter.R. Jacob – That sounds like a great show! I'm glad I could evoke the memory for you.High Desert Diva – Hello! I'm really glad you enjoyed the poem. Stick around and I'll try and keep up the standard.Brian – Okay – Podcast coming up…later today, perhaps. Funny you should mention musicians …stay tuned!Wings – Thanks! Glad you had fun!Kat


  5. Hey, Kat! Thanks for the heads up. It's always a treat. I think I saw this guy last night! I'm not kidding. He had on high heeled disco shoes and a hat with a feather in it…ha! ha! That is so wild. You must be psychic. I love the rhythm and all the details. Great work!


  6. Yes, to Mista Funky. This poem was great and really funky. Yes I like the Funky Mista being funky. Can almost hear a song coming out of this. I like it.God bless.


  7. One of the many things I like about your poetry is the big variety of subject matter. You engage any aspect of life, big or small, philosophical or mundane, with a poet's ear, and that's a great way to live. Thanks, Kat! Even though this poem is “about” a different kind of person, it reminds me of one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs, “Mistra Know it All.”


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