Unfinished Business (again)

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It’s about time I got around to passing on these (fairly) recent awards. First I would like to thank the generous folks who saw fit to give this blog the awards in the first place:

(From right to left):

Sarah @ Circles of Rain – Sarah’s blog is such a fun place to be! She makes the most fantastic dolls by hand and they are quirky and not scary at all (I am terrified of some dolls). She’s also an animal-lover, a cat-person and British – just my kind of gal!

Brian @ Waystation One – I met Brian through the Theme Thursday prompt-site. His is a thoughtful, imaginative and well-written blog that emanates warmth, faith and family. His stories and anecdotes are always captivating and satisfying. I’m pleased to think of him as a blog-friend.

Lizabee @ Lizabee & Co. – Another Theme Thursday participant, I’m just getting to know Liza, but I am always entertained and intrigued by her blog. She’s a talented photographer and writer. You’ll enjoy getting to know her too.

Fortunately, 2 of these awards only require me to post and pass along, so I’m happy to do that. The “F-ing Fabulous” Award, is keen on knowing my latest obsessions, so here they are:

1) the website GoodReads – I’m a little obsessed with this site, not only because I can connect with people and exchange ideas about what to read, or what we are reading, but also because it has this feature where I can explore thumbnails of book-covers and recall all those great books I read in the past. With my addictive personality (you folks on Facebook know what I’m talking about), I can get totally wrapped up in digging up book titles and adding them to my “read” list. I can also add to my “currently reading” or “to read” list. This is a good obsession. I’m sure I’ll tire of it soon enough, but right now, I’m hooked. So, if you’re curious (or have that little chip in your brain that gets locked onto things and can’t let go, like mine), check it out and sign up to be my friend! Look for me under “Kat Mortensen”.

2) Fred Astaire movies – Since my husband has recently found himself entertained by some of the dance musicals that I grew up with, we’re exploring the career of Fred Astaire. Last night we watched “Flying Down to Rio”, the first movie that Astaire and Ginger Rogers appeared in together.

I’ll be honest, we found it a tad dull and the story pretty unexciting, but when it came to Rogers and Astaire dancing the big number, “The Carioca”, we were entranced! Oh, and for a hilarious, outrageous finish, the Busby-Berkeley gals are all strapped to the tops of planes to do their dance routine. At one point a woman appears to fall from the wing of one plane and land, “splat!” on the one below. It is a real eye-popper and surreal in the true sense of the word.

As well, on this dvd we rented, there was an extra feature called, “Beer and Pretzels”with “Ted Healey and his Stooges”. If you were thinking “The Three Stooges” just now, you were right! This was probably the first appearance of the Three Stooges on film and this little Depression-Era flick is absolutely bizarre! Not only does it feature the comic pratfalls and characteristic smacking around of the Stooges, it also has a number by a female with enormous, puffed organza sleeves who really can’t dance or sing very well. It’s rather like a bad “American Idol” audition. As well, there’s a number with three young lads, about beer steins on the table, and then a trio of fellows in Harlequin satin pants dance atop three beer-kegs. You won’t believe your eyes!

Next up: “The Gay Divorcee”.

3) “Law and Order U.K.” – We’re very fortunate that one of our local Toronto stations has picked up this excellent and erudite spin-off of the “Law and Order” series. We’re not ones to get caught up in graphically violent television, but we were both fans of the original series and love almost anything British, so we were eagerly anticipating the first episode. I’m pleased to report that we have not been disappointed. We’ve seen every episode so far and are delighted with the calibre of the stories, the acting and the apparent effort to refrain from unnecessary scenes of gore or gratuitous sex.

One of the main actors on the police end of things is someone with whom we were already familiar since he had a significant role in “Coronation Street”, the British soap opera we’ve been following for many years. Bradley Walsh, played the somewhat dodgy son of Mike Baldwin, the small-time, rag-trade magnate. Walsh has put on a few pounds which lends nicely to this character of a divorced, quip-happy character (think Lenny Briscoe’s equivalent on the streets of London.)

The legal eagles of the series are headed by well-known Scottish actor, Bill Patterson. If you ever saw the original series of “Traffik”, he was the M.P. whose daughter was on drugs. Ben Daniels, plays the top lawyer for the Criminal Prosecution Service, James Steele. He is brilliant, as his younger associate, Aleesha Phillips. The entire cast is excellent. Look for the series on your networks. You won’t be disappointed.

4) Cycling on my stationary Schwinn Airdyne bike. Since we got the buffet/sideboard, my bike had to be moved upstairs. Originally, I thought this was not going to work out for me, since the bike would have to be moved in order to be near a t.v., but this has not been the case. The bike has small wheels at the front, so I just have to lift it and roll it into our bedroom where the 27 inch t.v. is on a dresser. I need the mental stimulation to keep cycling, so this works well. This leads me to my 5th obsession:

5) “Style by Jury” – Repeats of this 2004 Canadian reality show are ideal motivation for me to keep spinning my wheels.

A hapless, ill-dressed, apparently lost person is placed in front of a hidden jury behind a two-way mirror. The jury is filmed as they make scathing comments which the person is then allowed to view. Sounds nasty, right? It isn’t! The poor person is taken on as a candidate for a sweeping makeover involving anything from Lasik eye-surgery to porcelain tooth-veneers, hair-extensions and a brand new wardrobe. What makes this show so captivating is the stories behind why these people have stopped caring about their appearance to the outside world. The host, Bruce Turner is a truly warm and emotional person who is at the make0ver candidate’s side the whole time of their transformation, encouraging them to not only try on new clothes, but helping to develop their confidence and sense of self.

I’m hooked!

Now to business:

I would like to pass on the I love your blog, dahling! award to:

The Blue Kimono

Life, Work, and Pleasure

One Pink Goose

The I love this blog award goes to:

A Room of One’s Own

Ann’s Photo Blog

Easy For Me To Say

Fruit of the Carolyn

The Road Less Traveled

And the Your blog is F-ing Fabulous! award goes to:

(List your 5 obsessions please and pass the award along.)

Jane’s Writing


Mad Aunt Bernard

The Weather in the Streets

Ta Da!



18 thoughts on “Unfinished Business (again)

  1. Hi Kat!Well done on the awards and thanks for the nice write up, I like the sound of me! I am sorry I havn't been around much this week. It is nearly the end of term and there are so many things to round off. I can't wait until the 22nd when I am free for six weeks! The farm looks lovely. We are going on our class trips to a farm next week so I expect I will be posting some similar pictures! I had an idea about corresponding-I will email you.Sarah x


  2. There used to be an “Extreme Makeover” show that would completely re-build people. I once saw an episode where they took this woman, gave her liposuction, boob job, tummy tuck, fanny life — I don't even remember everything, but it included taking an INCH off her nose. When she was done, she looked like a Miss America contestant. And then they filmed her arrival at home, where her husband is waiting for her in a brown polyester suit, with her little girl, who inherited many of her mother's now-discarded features, peeking shyly at her from behind dad's back.And ever since, I've wondered how that all worked out, because it would be so hard to go home to your double-wide, looking like you totally don't belong.


  3. Hi Kat!! Thanks so very much for the award! I won't have any problem listing 5 obsessions, I have many of them! It will be harder to pass it on, there are so many people that having F-ing Fabulous blogs!Thanks again!Jane


  4. Ah, congratulations on your awards! You so deserve them all and plenty more!And I feel so honoured for the award you are passing onto me.;) Honestly, I am out of words; I simply love awards!!!I also enjoyed reading about your obsessions.;)) I love Fred Astaire too. And may I ask, considering you like cycling, do you watch Tour de France?Have a great Monday!;)) And thank you again.;))xoxoZuzana


  5. Hi Kat, thanks so much for the award. Really nice to receive and congrats on yours too. Loved reading about your obsessions. Fancy getting Coronation Street. My mum is hooked on it over here. I really liked the Fred and Ginger dance on Youtube. They were amazing weren't they? I enjoyed the animals in the preceding post too.


  6. Congrats Kat! “Beer and Pretzels”, HA! I know I've got that somewhere( on an older VHS tape ).And hubby may want to check out some of the Gene Kelly movies. Me, I'm a huge Busby Berkley fan( 1930's ) His imagery and choreography were( and still are ), unmatched!


  7. Hi Kat–did you already get a comment from me? Sorry if this is a duplicate. Saying: Thank you so much for passing on an award to me; very touched; and many congratulations to you on yours. You give your readers so much..


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